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    Hi there all,

    Are there any good interesting horse racing books out on the market?

    Whether it be data books, info books, stable books, biographies.

    Leave you choices below,


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    Betting etc:
    Mark Coton – Value Betting
    Nick Mordin – Betting For A Living
    Nick Mordin – Winning Without Thinking
    Alan Potts – Against The Crowd
    Alan Potts – The Inside Track

    Frankie Dettori – Frankie: The Autography
    Kate Fox – The Racing Tribe
    Laura Hillenbrand – Seabiscuit
    Francis Hyland – Taken For A Ride
    Sean Magee – The Channel 4 Complete Guide to Horseracing
    Tony McCoy – McCoy: The Autobiography
    Patrick & Nick Robinson – Horsetrader

    Intended Reads
    Lester Piggott – Lester: The Autobiography
    Sean Magee – To Win Just Once
    Chris Pitt – A Long Time Gone (History of Defunct Race Courses Since 1900 )

    Other Sports
    HG Bissinger – Friday Night Lights (superb true story about one small American town’s obsession with their High School Football team)

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    Recent books:

    The Life and Legacy of Himself – Sean Magee

    Racing Post’s 100 favourite racehorses

    Sir Peter O’Sullevan’s Racing Heroes

    From the 80s:

    Always Back Winners – Stewart Simpson.

    Gambling Only Pays When You're Winning

    the welsh wizard
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    Some right crap amongst that lot. The two best racing books I’ve ever read are
    "Emperors of the Turf" by Jamie Reid
    The Druid’s Lodge Confederacy by Paul Mathieu.

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    Some right crap amongst that lot.

    Would you care to elaborate rather than post an idiotic off-the-cuff remark?

    the welsh wizard
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    If you like David.
    Nick Mordin is an absolute fraudster – Frankie and McCoy’s autobiography give little insight into their real world – unlike, say, what Steve Claridge’s book did into football and Simon Hughes’s to cricket. The channel 4 book of Racing reads like a guide for idiots. You redeem yourself in my eyes by selecting the excellent pair Horsetrader and A Long Time Gone.
    I stand by original comment. SOME right crap amongst that lot.

    Irish Stamp
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    I read the Monarchos (More Nachos) story "Horse of a Different Colour" a few years ago which was a good read and if your interested in the breeding aspect then the Northern Dancer books and his sire Native Dancer book are also good reads.

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    Thumbs up to Chris Pitt’s book from me as well.

    Just about the best book I’ve read on fundamental racing analysis is The Compleat Horseplayer, by David Edelman, though there’s desperately little competition for that honour here or abroad.

    Maxilon 5
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    Jamie Read’s "A Licence to Print Money" is the best book on Horse Racing I’ve ever read. A flawless masterpiece.

    Also endorse AP’s books listed in the initial segment of David’s excellent post, plus Mark Coton’s "100 Hints for Better Betting" which deals primarily with the much underrated and underdiscussed subject of gambling psychology.

    I’m so glad to see Himself mention the classic Stewart Simpson paperback "Always Back Winners". More of a romp than a how-to manual, it’s a life-enhancing evocation of the life of a pro-punter. The book is sadly rarer than a cheap night out and top condition copies go for a bundle

    (Incidentally, the author never wrote a word on the subject again and disappeared. Many people speculated that the real author is actually Clive Holt, noted Fineform tipster, who passed away recently). .

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    A further thumbs-up for Chris Pitt from this small corner – a real labour of love and a very readable, evocative piece of work. Some of the courses do of course live on as ptp venues, such as Buckfastleigh and Clifton Upon Dunsmore (=Rugby), but how I’d have loved to experience some of the others you can’t see hide nor hair of nowadays, from Birmingham to Woore to Rothbury.


    The patron saint of lower-grade fare. A gently critical friend of point-to-pointing. Kindness is a political act.

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    Personally, I wouldn’t recommend my books to anyone nowadays – the betting environment has changed so much (and so has my approach) that they are the equivalent of trying to learn to cook by reading Mrs Beeton.

    Worth knowing that you can find substantial extracts from several of the books mentioned (mine, Nick Mordin, Mark Coton) via the magical world of Google Books. So you can at least get an idea of what to expect before you lay out any money.


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    John Welcome’s book on Fred Archer is excellent.

    I’d also recommend anything by Peter Willet if you’re interested in racing history and breeding.

    McIllvanney on Horseracing is also a great read.

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    Books I use every day –

    Directory of the Turf
    Horses In Training

    Favourite racing books –

    Come Fly with the Butterfly – John Mort Green
    Queen of the Turf (biog of Dorothy Paget) – Quintin Gilbey
    Horseman, Memoirs of Captain JH Marshall – George Millar
    Emperors of the Turf – Jamie Reid

    Book I look forward to buying and get the most pleasure from –

    Hunter Chasers and Point to Pointers – Mackenzie and Harris

    Least favourite books –

    Any biographies written before the subject has finished their career

    A book that made a profound impression on me as a youngster was called Spot The Winner by Ivor Herbert. Written in the form of a comic strip it taught me so much when I was an eager youth.

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    100 Hints for Better Betting will always be relevant due to its sections on, as Maxilon 5 mentioned, gambling psychology. I recognised so many of the emotions described (chasing losses, overconfidence, the self-fulfilling prophecy, the strange urge to back a horse that you know you shouldn’t, etc), and his tips for dealing with them are essential reading.

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    My recommendations:

    Breeding The Racehorse – Tesio.

    Sods I Have Cut On The Turf – Jack Leach.

    Treasury Of The Bloodstock Breeders Review – Rasmussen & Napier.

    Seabiscuit – Laura Hillenbrand.

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