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    How strange that the last surviving soldiers from the First World War should die withing days of each other. One is having a private funeral and one a more public one. I felt quite emotional when I heard of Harry Patch’s death. Wish I could pay my respects in some way, but not sure how.

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    Henry Allingham only lived half a mile away from me until he went into a care home in Brighton six years ago. When I learned that he had passed aged 113 and the oldest man in the world, I too was very moved when I thought about all he had seen and done and it’s dso ifficult to comprehend – I just can’t get my head around it. Meeting someone like Henry or Harry when they were alive could have only put me into a humble stupor and left me with a feeling of real unworthiness.

    To pay my respects, I’ll remember their names forever and will tell anyone that may be remotely interested to give them some thought now and again.

    There are two nominated charities that you can donate to in his memory. … ghams.html


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    "Radiohead" have released a song in memory of Harry Patch:- … 184802.stm

    All the profits will go to the Royal British Legion.

    Regards – Matron

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