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    Charlie D
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    My type of viewing

    Any chance of someone with RUK connections asking about doing a Monthly report throughout the year

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    I would just like to have RUK to watch on the telly!!

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    Steve Mellish always sounds like he has just taken a large mouthful of Mr Kiplings Ginger Sponge Cake!

    Neil Watson
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    If its half term report then i wonder what grades some of the horses and people will get

    Paddy Merrigan, E for attitude but A for helmet throwing

    BBC. F for lack of racing and F- for continuing to dumb down.

    C4 A for using initiative in showing extra Ascot races and A for getting the C4 commentators at meetings to do the Racetech comms so you dont have to pay them and thus save money

    Racing Post, A for great coloums by Alistair Down and Clement Freud, U for Pricewise as he is hopeless

    Paul Nicholls, A for no doubt having the first 6 or 7 home in the Gold Cup and E for wanting Newbury to get rid of the water

    Tony McCoy, Astar for wanting to be back for Cheltenham when a footballer would have gone and put his feet up for rest of season

    Thommo and Big Mac, B, Always there and we do call you but be honest when they are gone you will miss them.

    Kirkland Tellwright, U, should be sacked.

    Kempton Park, C, was a daring risk having an aw but i like the racing there and even though its low graded tripe you get good finishes and the fact that the R Post showed crowds are on the up.

    Ascot, E for wanting the Royal Meeting women to cover up, we all like a bit of flesh and the scouse girls are not as snobby as those posh southeners,

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    Haydock – U for getting rid of their famous drop fences and replacing with portable rubbish, making a mockery of the Betfair Chase, which if I were Betfair would ask for it to be moved to Wetherby, Aintree or even over the water in Ireland.

    Haydock – Suspended for reducing the number of NH meetings so they can pander more to the feckless louts and hen parties during the summer evenings.

    Cheltenham – A* for keeping the NH Chase a four miler. If only there were as many four milers as there used to be.

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    Kieran Fallon- Es galore on myboycharlie in the Prix Morny :lol:

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    On a similarly juvenile note, sorry I may have missed the objective but I just got into a rhythym.

    A for Authorized, I love that horse

    B for Bogside Theatre who came in for me at 100/1 when I went in to ladbrokes to collect on Authorized.

    C for Cockney Rebel who I, like a hell of a lot of people who must have been reading the Racing Post daily in the early stages of the flat season ignored the good reports about when not backing him in the guineas, to my disgust.

    D for Dylan Thomas holding off Youmzain in the arc and holding me off the best part of a grand and a half. And also for Detroit City who will be missed by me, despite never backing him as a jumper.

    E Ive done

    F ‘in Dylan Thomas

    G for both Great Leighs and Glue and, sadly, no doubt many horses of the lowest possible racing grade will someday be destined for one or the other, hopefully the former.

    U for the Unseating of Tony McCoy, may he be back soon.

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    Just happening to back every impressive novice winner before they’re cut in the ante-post markets, Bulwark, and aftertiming 100/1 winners…life must be good, huh?

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    It certainly is, but it would be better if I had the time to write in every speculative bet that I place on forums. That would be brilliant but to be honest there isnt really that much planning or thought that goes in to them. I only ever bet on what I judge as value so usually if i hit a winner it will be a reasonable price at least. I’ll be truthful though, that 100/1 winner was my only ever 100/1 winner and thats why it was a big occasion for me.
    I just see a bet I like and bet it, and I dont ever dwell on what gets chinned. That might make me bitter and cynical, and I might start using words like after timing.

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    I can understand making quotes about aftertiming 100/1 winners.

    But to be fair everyone of those prices above are prices after market cuts.

    Khyber Kim I backed a few days after its win, just before the rating was properly put on RP site and it had already came in for market support from 16s since its win.

    Captain Cee Bee is still the same price or thereabouts.

    Noland was on there well before his win and Im sure I mentioned that Id backed him on the noland thread when he was still 16s him prerace, not only that but nolands arkle run looks to hang in the balance.

    The grey berry is still available at 25s and Ive mentioned several times that I think he’ll go well and why.

    Prince Erik I think is still the same price and I think he’s open to improvement after watching his last race.

    Binocular I put on here last friday when I backed him, I backed him further prerace at 20s, when I saw the market support behind him.

    Money Trix was backed in well on the markets at about the the turn of the year and I got on at 20s (which was ladbrokes best price) and Im sure he was still even available with other firms at 25s pre off on his chase debut
    which I had been, to be honest though he hasnt been cut much more than 20s, and he was actually the reason I startedposting on here after a long lay off.

    I backed Butlers cabin at 20s last year at sandowns jumps-flat crossover day when mccoy and dettori were interviewed and mccoy quoted his win on butlers cabin as the highlight of his season, and when asked about never winning derby and national frankie was not as bullish as mccoy, but then by my recollection authorized hadnt won the dante by then and frankie was still due to ride anything for godolphin. I have since backed butlers cabin at 16s but the national is a lottery and am just saving myself backing anything at a shorter price at the time.

    The fact that you find those prices and choices of horses strange, simply suggests to me that you dont follow the markets at all, but we all use different methods and systems to pick our bets and that is why I dont post on forums accusing people of after timing as it is the simple nature of gambling that you dont hear as much about the losers as you do about the winners.

    To be honest though if you go back through and actually look at the horses Ive tipped on here on threads on here you would probably see that you’d be up if you backed them mostly down to Authorized who I was the first to tip on here for the Racing Post Trophy before he won at 25s, before saying that I thought Authorized and Teofilo at 12s and 3s would almost certainly win the derby if staying fit, which no-one was a fan of but was a tip which I believed in and I for one went on to make a nice little profit on.

    Im on here mostly to talk about horses who Im excited about running, and have a bit of light hearted fun, hence the reason Ive put them on there and if I have an antepost bet on then all the better, and generally if I have time to sit and write my bets on here then I will but I dont really expect ridicule about them if I dont.

    I’m not really a big fan of personal digs though, Ive put several tips on here for yous to back or not which I hope will go well, and if you dont back them then dont.

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    I’m not a fan of personal digs either, Bulwark, so I have no qualm in apologising unreservedly, I just can’t stand the forum being used by someone…anyone…to aftertime continuously. Congratulations for backing Bogside Theatre at 100/1, Dylan Thomas, and every other horse who’s made you a fortune, but we don’t need to know about it now so long after the event.

    As regards ante-post bets, it would seem every time a horse is cut in a particular market following an impressive (or otherwise) victory, you just happen to have availed yourself of the best prices going ‘on the off chance’. And when you add ‘I might have phoned in a tenner on Numide…’ it all begins to sound a little ridiculous…and continually pointless.

    Anyway, rant over, I shall retire to the drawing room to argue once again with the voices in my head :D

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    :lol: I know that feeling, LGR. 8)


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    Back to the original point…

    I watched a chunk of the programme last night (caught by chance) and remainder tomorrow

    Totally agree that with Mellish and Howard this was excellent viewing and I would like to see more of these studio previews. Maybe this new offering is signalling more to come…wil be intersting to know

    Somewhat different quality to the Morning Line …

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    It’s a great idea and ther is some useful information on there, but why do they have to spoul it with Mellish stuttering and rambling his eay through

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    Steve Mellish will be never hired to read sermons at Westminster abbey, but i find his knowledge and insight excellent. Doesnt try to present himself as "a character" either

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