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    Despite the slightly silly stuff today about the dress code, Goodwood is for me the most relxed of the majpr meetings. Today was the busiest Tuesday ive seen there, but the crowd always seems to be somehow be more good natured and far less boozy than many other meetings

    Nothing wrong with a few drinks, but the small group of hair gelled "geezers" with their Matalan suits and placepots drinking Fosters with the sole intent of increasing their acne, do get tiring.

    Not to mention the horrors of the Royal Ascot pissed office secretary puking down her lime green monstrosity. Or the gangs of Ian Rush and David Batty lookalikes in their leeds shirts at York

    But apart from that the Goodwood management have (unlike Cheltenham) kept a nice intimate feel to the place with great attention to detail for the proper racegoer. The whole place has been thoughtfully developed.

    The racing today was superb too

    Agree anyone?

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    Yes, I agree. Yes Goodwood attracts the usual coach loads of city rich,hair gelled up, new money, I’m out to get bladdered and be loud and noticed idiots. Sadly, they are everywhere now. They bring along the eye candy girls who spend all their money on champagne but wouldn’t notice if they were served Hock from a soda stream….but given that, compared to some race meetings, Goodwood is as good as you will get. Royal Ascot is a joke. I’ve seen more punch ups and swearing(car parks are always good for that) there than I care to remember. Why is it they mostly turn up in a limo?(for those not on acoach) When was that classy?I like a drink, sometimes lots, sometimes too much but there is no excuse for the loud mouthed t*&^ts that are filling big meetings by the year. Angry? no. Saddened… a little…or even lots..Don’t have to go. I’m just glad that Goodwood a least seems to be stricter on dress code, even on ordinary days than most. Most people know how to behave and make for a wonderful day but I guess wherever you go……..

    Jim JTS
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    On the flat nothing beats Royal Ascot or even gets near to it for me.

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    :lol: At some race meetings there will be group horses and low handicappers with human counterparts to go with them. That’s why the horses aren’t all allowed to run in the same race….

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    Nothing compares to the excitement of Cheltenham for me.

    Mainly because the whole jumps season is built around this meeting where as the flat has many big meetings throughout the year.

    My favourites are Cheltenham > Aintree > Ascot.

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    "On the flat nothing beats Royal Ascot or even gets near to it for me."

    Jim, I think this thread is about actually going to the course, and the experienced involved, rather than the standard of the racing.


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    Chelts for me….

    Jim JTS
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    Jim, I think this thread is about actually going to the course, and the experienced involved, rather than the standard of the racing.


    Yep, and my answer would still be Ascot, I’d love to go to Royal Ascot one day.

    Grey Desire
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    You’d soon change your mind if you did actually go Jim but that’s another matter.
    The Ebor meet would be tops for me on the flat and I look forward to being there in 3 weeks time (although a little disconcerted that it will be over 4 days next year).

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    Unable to make Goodwood this week due to a wedding I’m not overly keen on, and work commitments.

    However, i went last year for that Nassau race which was an experience I’ll never forget.

    Plan to go to the celebration mile in a few weeks – can anyone tell me how this compares to Glorious Goodwood?

    Thanks in advance,

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    The largest and most eccentric crowd I have encounterd at a race meeting was at the 1998 Melbourne Cup. Talk about wacky.

    Goodwood and Ascot are ok, but Cheltenham is tops for me.

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    See my thread[/url:2ygysfns] from earlier this year on a lot of the views on here! Forget race fixing and lack of prize money, it’s one of the biggest problems racing has at the moment! :wink:

    Seriously I’d have to go for Cheltenham as the top festival having never been to Goodwood though a lot of my acquitances have said how good it is. Agree with the Ebor festival at York and I’ve always liked the St Leger festival at Doncaster – I’ll be interested to see it in the new surroundings in September..


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    Only my opinion but Glorious Goodwood is not even the best racing festival THIS WEEK. Galway puts it into the shade on so many levels.

    The big York meet is top for flat fans. Over the jumps, the Perth festival is great fun – especially when Pipe, Nichols and Hobbsy wheel out some one theirs for the big trip north.

    Ugly Mare
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    It’s a great meeting and always been one of my favourites but what is wrong with Good to Firm ground please ? Mr Buckley put 8mm on the course last night, today it rains. I’m on the Sussex coast and it looks like a thunderstorm is due. I’m sick of this watering the course policy so much in evidence today and it’s spoiling this so called Goodwood Festival. If it’s firm then let it remain so.

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    horses for courses i guess, depends what floats your boat

    i went once and it was one of the least enjoyable days at the track i’ve had

    i only went to watch cesare on a whim one morning, it was expensive, a chore to get to, it was the most packed racecourse i have ever seen and not being able to effectively move or walk about and having to queue for everything made it unbearable and the horse lost

    give me a quiet afternoon at lingfield in the snow in january with just a hundred or so other people at the track and i’ll be happy

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