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    Play other TRF members in our private TRF Members Only Tournaments on Tuesday & Friday nights at 8pm (GMT). <br>To join in, just register a poker account with fairpoker by clicking the banner at the base of this post and once you have downloaded their free software, registered a poker username and private message me your poker username and I will put on to the TRF members poker league table enabling you to win the monthly prize as well as the tournament prize. You can register for the tournament any time 2 days before a tournament!

    Tournament Details

    $25 free added prize money to this tournament on Friday 17th Feb.

    Tournament Title: theracingforum buy-in<br>Location: ‘Tournaments’ tab & sub red tab ‘Scheduled'<br>Buy-in: $5 + £0.50<br>Registrations: Up to 2 days proir up until minutes before the start<br>Start Time: 8pm GMT<br>Password Protected: Yes, TRF members only Click Here For Password<br>Min. Players: 5<br>Max. Players: 50<br>Level ups: 10 mins<br>Max. Re-buys: 3 (up to level 6)<br>Chips: 1,000<br>Prize: Dependant on entries

    <br>To view the latest league standings click here <br><br>


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    hi DL, <br>i’m sure this is uinintentional on your part or maybe it is a fraudian slip…..

    But not only are you making a habit outdrawing me and then knocking me out of the tournament but also my prize money standings in the league are $15 dollars short.

    <br>mmmmmmm……..i’m onto you young man!!!!!!!;)

    ps. good luck tonight by the way

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    I fear I may need luck tonight if you are on to me, although I’m feeling like a change of tactics tonight!!  I have amended the league table (completely missed off one of your prize wins) and to show you good will I’ve put you ahead of flagship ;)

    Good luck tonight, will definately go ahead as already 4 registered with 3 more certains, maybe even 2 tables if everyone shows!

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    1.) $44.00 JohnnyB<br>2.) $22.50 Roland<br>3.) $16.50 mc22x<br>4.) $13.20 Daylight<br>5.) £8.80 waysim<br>6.) yourmum<br>7.) cormack15<br>8.) Flagship Uberalles

    <br>Another good game which saw the first champ go out early doors, cormack lose a coin flip and yourmum push and pulling chips out of the pot like he didn’t really want them. Tightened up with 5 players and Johhny came from last to first to become the champion. Roland and mc22x made a good game of it as it was nip & tuck all the way to the line.  Well played all.

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    I was almost enjoying it after having a tough old night where I was scratching along most of teh way. However, just when things looked like they may be going my way old DL sidles up and mugs me!

    Good game again tonight and well done the top three who all played well, particularly JohnnyB who looked long odds against at one stage.

    Happy Jack
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    Sorry I couldn’t make it once again but the little man has been very poorly today so it would have been a bit selfish of me to sit in the corner playing online poker! Sounds like it was lots of fun, hopefully I’ll be able to join in next Tuesday.

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    If you think you were mugged Corm, I had AK suited all-in and was still the underdog pre-flop as mc22x had AA, just my luck :rolleyes:

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    Sorry to miss this tournament :(  i’ll be there next time

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