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    well now the Flat season is almost upon us, i was wondering whether more people prefered Flat racing or NH racing

    Tell everyone what u prefer and why, mite make a good debate this


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    im an NH addict yet i barely watch the flat racing

    i think this is for 2 reasons 1) the specracle of the jumps..3 or 4 good horses coming to the last knowing one mistake will cost the race but still time to fight back on the run-in..i just dont get that sense of power and gallantry from watching the flat<br>2) the passion..flat racing is too much about big money and big egos..jumps is still about fun..cheltenham is truly a festival of racing and a true celebration of the horses with the people who love them<br>the big flat meetings appear to be all about improving stud fees

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    I’m sitting on the fence a bit here but I find that I tend to love the flat in the summer and jumps in the winter. The flat has produced some of the legendary horses such as Nijinsky etc and I really love the build up to the Derby and seing how the victor shapes in the clash of the generations. Having said that, there’s something about NH that the flat hasn’t got. The bravery of horse and jockey over jumps and having been to both Longchamp for the Arc and Aintree for the National last year I have to say that the National would win every time. I’m working at Aintree this year and having followed the great race since 1989 I suppose that ultimately NH just gets the nod.  

    Merlin the Magician
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    N/H by a short head the actual happenings in any given race.

    You can do your form analysist but cannot for see what may go wrong or what  incident may happen in the race giving the enthusiast that extra bit of excitement.

    I also am a big fan of both codes on the flat sand/grass but the said spectacle cannot be beaten just take last weeks FESTIVAL be very difficult to achieve on the flat with one exception, possibly ASCOT as its equal on the flat but in my eyes only second to CHELTS and the GRAND NATIONAL, from a racing prospective not a gamblers view.<br>!!!!!!!THEY ARE ALL GREAT BUT SOME A LITTLE GREATER THAN THE OTHERS!!!!! <br>Regards MERLIN

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    I much prefer the Flat any day of the week as opposed to the Jumping game.

    The Jumps season is so predictable with the top class horses running once early in the season then being put away for Cheltenham! Cheltenham is the be all and end all in NH racing between October to March and although the festival is great to watch, the 3 days of top racing deprives the 6 months previous half decent racing. I’ve sat down to watch the racing in the winter and regularly watch 4-6 runner races. Small fields hardly get my blood racing, give me a +20 runner sprint any day of the week!<br>Flat racing is so much more intresting to watch with top class races most weeks with top class horses present.<br>In my opinion – no contest, flat is best!

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    I prefer the NH to the Flat – but generally like it all: even Jim’s "sand donkeys"!

    Regards – Matron<br>:cool:

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    [font=Courier]NH NH NH NH NH NH NH NH[/font]

    It is the ONLY reason I look forward to winter.

    Flat racing is fine up until a point. I can only watch it for so long then I get bored of it. It just doesn’t ”capture my imagination” whilst I could sit and watch NH racing until the purple and pink cows come home! By end of summer, I am in desperation for return of jumps. I prefer the ”characters” in jump racing, and the horses, and the atmosphere. Now there ain’t nothing wrong with the flat characters, horses, atmosphere but I feel more ”comfortable” in a jumps atmosphere if that makes sense?? Anyway, I prefer NH!

    prince regent
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    <br>i find (generally) nh the best for gambling  but for watching  and interest   they are both equal

    Slippy Blue
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    Always have preferred the jumps for gambling and as a spectacle.<br>I simply would not go to a flat meeting at Kempton , for example,it just leaves me cold.<br>Having said that,obviously it`s always a pleasure to go to Goodwood or the July Course at Newmarket, Ascot as well.<br>But give me a run of the mill meeting at Towcester , as opposed to whatever Bath,Yarmouth or any of the other gaff flat tracks have to offer , anytime.<br>I find the A.W. a little depressing personally.

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    I much prefer watching jumps to flat.  Each jumps race is a little story unfolding.  Each flat race is over by the time I’ve worked out which runner’s mine.

    On the other hand Chepstow in December can be miserable beyond belief, Sandown at a summer mid-week meeting is a stolen moment of bliss;  Bath’s evening meetings, something special. <br> <br>Jumps racing gets a bit ragged during January and February with abandonments, desperate ground and horses being prepped for Cheltenham.

    Flat racing gets weighed down by the sheer amount of racing in high summer, when I get to the stage where I just can’t face wading through another moderate day’s card.

    The one you’ve backed to big money falls at the first over the jumps. The one you’ve backed to big money gets blocked on the rails on the flat.  

    On balance, I think I prefer football…

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    Prefer jumping definitely.

    What I really hate is the way the press and TV ramble on endlessly about Cheltenham, yet the second it has finished and Doncaster starts, all we will hear about from now until November is the flat. Jumping only gets any recognition when there is no flat racing at all (and now the all weather is threatening even that).

    Things are better now Channel 4 have plenty of jumping.

    Sharon Long
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    I just to prefer National Hunt, but the trauma of losing a horse, was enough for me to change codes.  Now I prefer the flat  

    Merlin the Magician
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    Hi Sharon sorry to hear that can you tell us any more ? or elaborate on that?and how is your STAR?and any news on his first run?<br>Regards MERLIN

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    Has to be NH reason being there is nothing like the roar of the crowd when a well backed horse jumps to the front at the last. The same feeling when approaching the final furlong just isn’t there for me on the flat.

    Jim JTS
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    Oooooooooooooooooooh Matron, :ohno: :laugh:

    Flat racing is by far the better of the two in my opinion, as it’s fairer to horses, easier to pick winners, there are more big meetings than NH, less injured jockey’s, races aren’t long and boring… it simply is better than the NH but having said that we do need both codes, my preference is for flat and always will be!

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