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Flat 10 to follow

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    Anybody had a go?

    My list consists of

    Teofilo<br>Adagio<br>Authorized<br>Dandy Man<br>Dylan Thomas<br>Yeats<br>Measured Tempo<br>Finsceal Beo<br>Al Qaasi<br>Jeremy

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    I think this year’s competition will be more like 5 to follow, because most entries will contain  Teofilo, Fisceal Beo, Dylan Thomas, Yeats and Adagio.  

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    I have done 9 lines with various combinations out of the following 14

    Adagio<br>Haatef<br>Truly Royal<br>Teofilo<br>Mores Wells<br>Macarthur <br>Finsceal Beo<br>Magic America<br>Measured Tempo<br>Sir Percy<br>Papal Bull<br>George Washington<br>Manduro<br>Dylan Thomas

    Maybe by the time when Substitutes can be made, I might just have 1 or 2 lines still going strongly !  

    Jim JTSJim JTS
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    The 10 to follow has never interested me but for the record this would be my 10 :-

    <br>Adagio <br>Alexandrova <br>Dylan Thomas <br>Mount Nelson <br>Passage Of Time <br>Teofilo <br>Yeats<br>Rail Link <br>Sander Camillo <br>Linas Selection

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    Trackside, you must really like teofilo? ;) :biggrin:

    madman marz
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    I done a 2 lines consisting of the following,

    Alexandrova<br>Adagio<br>Major Cadeaux<br>Dylan Thomas<br>Magic America<br>Yaqeen<br>Asset<br>Dandy Man<br>Yeats<br>Manduro<br>Creachadoir<br>Eagle Mountain<br>Flash Mc Gahon

    As you may have noticed I left out the Bolger big 2, hoping they get beaten so as to knock back the majority of entries, but I have to admit I am worried as Jim Bolgers horses are in tremendous form at the moment.<br>I do the Ten to Follow for the fun of it, realising I have virtually no chance of competing with guys and syndicates that put in hundreds of entries.<br>But I did finish 30th in the Jumps Ten to Follow 2004 – 2005 season, so I was quiet proud of that because I finished in front of thousands of other entries.<br>Incidently my user name was Nontriers.<br>

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    Adajio<br>Astronomia<br>Eastern Anthem<br>Great Britain<br>Major Cadeaux<br>Measured Tempo<br>Mofarij<br>Smart Enough<br>Truly Royal<br>With Interest

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