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    lollys mate
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    Right……….This beautifull game that were supposed to play so well?

    I was told by my footie loving chummies that we would "P1ss all over the Bacon makers". (We  lost 4 – 1) Tee Hee!:biggrin:

    Then I was told that 4 – 0 would be a "safe result" against the Welsh. Well at least we got a deflection! Sorry. Goal. :o :o :o :o

    I read today that Shagger (Sven) says that Engerlund, are as good as Brazil. So I decide to hold onto my £2.00, and not take the 15/1 that I thought might be a "bit of fun".

    And on the way home tonight, I was "still" told that Old Blighty could win the world cup, because………… Sorry, but I find it funny……….. We have,                on paper,               the best players in the world!!!!!!!!!!


    Lets face the truth.

    We have a fat Pikey,(whom I told is the best player in the world)( Ha KIN Ha) a hair style as a captain, A Spanish reject as our goal scorer, and the Beano’s Plug, as our defence.

    The best thing to come out of this truly pathetic team, is the pictures of Nancy getting out of the sea in her skimmpie cossie.

    And even she is past her sell by date!

    Footballs going away.

    Not coming home!

    lollys mate
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    But I forgot to add about the huge wage bill that this team have.

    Their wages add up to an astonishing amount of money, that only the likes of us normal folk could only dream of earning.

    And I’m only talking about the Hair dressers and Chest waxers. Their wages must be huge looking after all those tarts.

    I’m suprised they didnt employ a baker!

    Andrew Hughes
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    Good posts by Lolly’s mate

    The absurd hype about this England team was well…absurd. I heard half a dozen radio pundits confidently predicting we only had to turn up in Cardiff and would thrash them and even more so in Northern Ireland. This despite the fact that we had already announced we were going to play a negative formation in both games, up against well-organised teams at with a partisan crowd who above all else would love to beat England.

    As for the players themselves, I don’t think I can put it any better than Lolly’s Mate. I suggest we give Flintoff, Giles and Pieterson some football boots.

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    Losing to a non-existant country takes some doing. Well done lads.

    All I’m after now is for the Aussies to beat England in the final whatever in this all important two team cricket series (How we could ever criticise baseballs world series).

    Am I alone in feeling a little narked about all these life long cricket fans coming from out of nowhere? Just like the tits who become tennis hyper-fanatics during Wimbledon and those rugger head-the-balls of 2003.

    The sooner Australia finish off England, the sooner this embarrasing fad passes and these new cricket fans will crawl back into the nothingness they came from.

    Racing Daily
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    Quality :biggrin:

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    Possibly about the only post by Kotkijet I’ve agreed with ;) .

    lollys mate
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    I have to say that the cricket has been one of the most exciting series that I have seen. <br> And being the devout racist that you all think I am, its nice to see us stick another one up the Aussies as we did in the rugby. (England lost to the Aussies in footie as well. HEHEHA!).

    I talked to a couple of guys today that were wearing the England footie shirt, and they still think that we can win a world cup.

    I know that the majority of football fans are not the brightest of folk. But come on!


    I bet you like football.

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    Losing to a non-existant country takes some doing.

    Which will explain why N Ireland didn’t lose to one.


    Andrew Hughes
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    Was that your declaration speech? Certainly had more punch than Liam Fox. I would put you at 3-1 second favourite.

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    Anyone who seriously thinks England will win the World Cup should be given a video of the N.Ireland game and then a video of the last Brazil match.

    lollys mate
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    Our captain doesnt like tomatoes or cuecumber. So he has it picked out of his salad.<br> Other players demand that they have their fruit peeled for them as the skin might chaf their gums. <br> The also employ a full time manicurist full time to look after their talons.


    England are now the officially the best team in the world….

    The Ashes are coming home.

    Respect to the cricketers..

    Passion, pride and full on responsibility without even blaming the coach.

    A proper sport with proper sportsmen.

    No wonder the football prem attendances are falling when you have real sport to watch!<br>

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