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    Dunno about anyone else but I’m loving every minute of this competition. Inspired idea Jim!

    Last week of the group games before we progress to the knock-out section. Remember if it’s a group of 5 players the top two go through, in a group of 6 it’s the top three. In the event of two (or more) players tying the aggregate scores of the head to heads involving those two (or more) players will decide the outcome (e.g. if me and Jim were level and the scores in our 2 games together were me 10, Jim 24 and me 16, Jim 12 then Jim would go through 28-26.)

    Good luck to all of you who are, like me, still in there with a hope (although in my case I can only sit and watch and hope other results go my way).

    The draw for the knock out stage will take place at 10 pm on Sunday night ‘live’ in the TRF chatroom.

    Week 10 Fixtures

    Group 1<br>Andrew saunders–Vs–DVDs 2000<br>Matty –Vs–Stav

    Group 2<br>Slater–Vs–Perry<br>Cardiffian–Vs–Stormwatch<br>Zandor–Vs–Bampi

    Group 3<br>The Bairn–Vs–Roland<br>Quick Away–Vs–Viking Flagship<br>Happpy Jack–Vs–Wingandaprayer

    Group 4<br>Perpetual–Vs–Pat123<br>raycyn28–Vs–Crazyjoe<br>RayH–Vs–Grundy

    Group 5<br>Grashopper–Vs–Bertie<br>Brian D–Vs–Trigger<br>Harry The Wragg–Vs–Flatseasonlover

    Group 6<br>CityGirl–Vs–Jordon<br>Ozie–Vs–res<br>Johnny B–Vs–Doyley

    Group 7<br>John Williams–Vs–Deano H<br>Manugirl–Vs–Merlin The Magician

    Group 8<br>Ajhood–Vs–Mistercee<br>Bob Rolf–Vs–Michael Walsh

    Group 9<br>Den S–Vs–Jaslang<br>Wiz–Vs–Jim JTS

    Group 10<br>Grizzo–Vs–Absolution<br>Kevin –Vs–Hoofski

    Group 11<br>Just Betting–Vs–Brenda<br>Baggie321–Vs–Neil Anderson

    Group 12<br>Chrissy–Vs–The wizard<br>Merve The Swerve–Vs–Tetleys

    Group 13<br>Kenboy–Vs–Maurice<br>Mick (Slade)–Vs–Waltertaws

    Group 14<br>Keith Reed–Vs–Racing Daily<br>SteveH–Vs–Colin Little

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    Quick rundown of the position in each of the groups.

    Group 1 – <br> <br>Matty is through and if Stav can take a point from his game with Matty he’ll be through too. If not then whoever wins the Andrew Saunders/DVDs encounter will face a totting up of points Vs Stav.

    Group 2 <br>Bampi and Zandor are through but the third place in this 6 player group will be decided by the result of the Perry/Slater clash. Perry needs to win it to progress while a draw would be enough for Slater.

    Group 3 <br>Already decided this one with Happy Jack, Roland and Viking Flagship all progressing to the knockout phase.

    Group 4<br>All to play for with 4 players (Grundy, Perpetual, Pat123 and rayH) currently all tied on 18 points and they’re all playing each other with one of them facing the chop.

    Group 5<br>Harry the Wragg is in pole position and seems certain to qualify. The other place is wide open with Flatseasonlover, Bertie and Trigger still right in the hunt and BrianD still has a faint squeak if he can overcome Trigger convincingly.

    Group 6<br>Nervous moments for Ozie who has to sit on the sidelines this week. If Jordon beats Citygirl then Ozie has had it and Jordon will go through. Johnny B and Doyley know that the winner of their game is a certain qualifier although just a draw would be enough for Doyley, who could still theroretically go through even if he lost, provided that Jordon loses and he can beat Ozie on the countback. Anything other than a win ends Johnny B’s hopes.

    Group 7<br>As John Williams plays Deano H next Saturday Merlin must qualify. He’ll be joined by the winner of the Wiilliams/Deano encounter.

    Group 8<br>Bob Rolf romping home in this group with only 1 loss from 7 games. The other qualifying slot will be between Michael Walsh and Mister Cee. I bet Michael wishes he wasn’t playing the in-form Bob!<br>  <br>Group 9<br>Jaslang through and the other place between DenS and Wizz. Wizz plays Jim while Den S plays Jaslang. Den must win and hope Wizz loses, any other result sees Wizz through.

    Group 10<br>One of the most interesting finales. Perennial 4PP contender Ted has completed his games and sits top of the table. However it could still slip away from Ted if both Kevin and Absolution win their final matches. A win for either or both would send them through, if one loses then Ted will go through. If both lose then it’ll be Ted and Absolution who progress. Kevin will be the one approaching the game with most confidence as Hoofski has only managed 1 point thus far.

    Group 11<br>Baggie321 goes through and will be joined by Neil Anderson or Just Betting. Just Betting faces a must-win game against Brenda while Neil lines up against Baggie knowing that a slip up would leave the door open for Just Betting to gallop past him.

    Group 12<br>Treggy has completed his games and comfortably sealed a place in the last 32. He’ll be joined by either Tetleys or Merve The Swerve, with Merve needing the win while a draw would be enough for Tetleys.

    Group 13<br>The second of the groups with no question marks as Non Vintage and Mick Slade are already through.

    Group 14<br>Another nailbiter. I’ve completed my games and am joint top. However as Racing Daily beats me on countback I need things to go my way in both the final games.<br>I need both Colin and Keith to lose (or draw) to go through.<br>If Colin wins he goes through – if he loses or draws he’s out.<br>RD needs a win or a draw or needs Colin to lose. The only scenario under which RD fails to go through is if both Keith and Colin win.<br>Keith must win to go through (I will beat him on countback if he draws).


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    Here are the updated odds then (good practice ;)). I’ll do it in group order to make it easier to find your odds:

    ps I’ve just seen my group fixture 🙁

    Matty 12/1<br>Stav 33/1<br>Andrew Saunders 50/1<br>DVDS2000 66/1

    Bampi 9/1<br>Zandor 16/1<br>Slater 28/1<br>Perry 40/1

    Roland 14/1<br>Happy Jack 16/1<br>Viking Flagship 16/1

    Ray H 25/1<br>Grundy 33/1<br>Pat123 33/1<br>Perpetual 33/1

    Harry The Wragg 10/1<br>Bertie 22/1<br>Trigger 25/1<br>Brian D 33/1<br>FlatSeasonLover 50/1

    Doyley 20/1<br>JohnnyB 25/1<br>Jordon 33/1<br>Ozie 50/1

    Merlin The Magician 12/1<br>Deano H 28/1<br>John Williams 28/1

    Bob Rolf 6/1<br>Mister Cee 25/1<br>Michael Walsh 33/1

    Jaslang 16/1<br>Wizz 20/1<br>Den S 33/1

    Ted 11/2f (I could get egg on my face here)<br>Absolution 10/1<br>Kevin 33/1 (The bismarck ;))

    Baggie321 20/1<br>Neil Anderson 25/1<br>Justbetting 50/1

    Treggy 12/1<br>Merve The Swerve 16/1<br>Tetleys 25/1

    Non Vintage 8/1<br>Mick Slade 12/1

    Racing Daily 10/1 (his short odds put him off last week!)<br>Colin Little 20/1<br>Cormack 33/1<br>Keith Reed 33/1

    (Edited by FlatSeasonLover at 12:24 am on Feb. 8, 2007)

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    please its BAGGIE321

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    Good to know you read the page Baggie321.

    Ok I’ve changed it for you, though I’m a little confused I’ve got to say. Your name badge says baggie321 yet you say BAGGIE321. I mean if you can’t even spell your own name right then how can we?

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    Sorry Baggie321 – fixed it for you!

    Racing Daily
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    Looks like i’ve been clipped a point for my win 😉

    Jim JTS
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    Week 10 Results

    Group 1 <br>Andrew Saunders–Vs–DVDs 2000  12 – 10  (3-0 points)<br>Matty –Vs–Stav  2 – 24  (0-3 points)

    Group 2 <br>Slater–Vs–Perry  26 – 24 (3-0 points)<br>The Cardiffian–Vs–Stormwatch  31 – 0 (3-0 points)<br>Zandor–Vs–Bampi  24 – 12  (3-0 points)

    Group 3 <br>The Bairn–Vs–Roland  0 – 14  (0-3 points)<br>Quick Away–Vs–Viking Flagship  0 – 4 (0-3 points)<br>Happy Jack–Vs–Wingandaprayer  0 – 28  (0-3 points)

    Group 4 <br>Perpetual–Vs–Pat123  45 – 28  (3-0 points)<br>raycyn28–Vs–Crazyjoe 28 – 0  (3-0 points)<br>RayH–Vs–Grundy  6 – 14  (0-3 points)

    Group 5 <br>Grasshopper–Vs–Bertie  10 – 14  (0-3 points)<br>Brian D–Vs–Trigger  0 – 14  (0-3 points)<br>Harry The Wragg–Vs–Flatseasonlover  8 – 22  (0-3 points)

    Group 6 <br>CityGirl–Vs–Jordon  8 – 10  (0-3 points) <br>Johnny B–Vs–Doyley  28 – 4  (3-0 points)

    Group 7 <br>John Williams–Vs–Deano H  34 – 2  (3-0 points)<br>Manugirl–Vs–Merlin The Magician  22 – 26  (0-3 points)

    Group 8 <br>Ajhood–Vs–Mistercee  0 – 14  (0-3 points)<br>Bob Rolf–Vs–Michael Walsh  0 – 38  (0-3 points)

    Group 9 <br>Den S–Vs–Jaslang  4 – 0 (3-0 points)<br>Wizz–Vs–Jim JTS  0 – 32  (0-3 points)

    Group 10 <br>Grizzo–Vs–Absolution 14 – 26 (0-3 points)<br>Kevin –Vs–Hoofski  18 – 0  (3-0 points)

    Group 11 <br>Just Betting–Vs–Brenda  8 – 4  (3-0 points)<br>Baggie321–Vs–Neil Anderson  8 – 38  (0-3 points)

    Group 12 <br>Chrissy–Vs–The wizard  18 – 0 (3-0 points)<br>Merve The Swerve–Vs–Tetleys  10 – 8  (3-0 points)

    Group 13 <br>Kenboy–Vs–Maurice 8 – 36  (0-3 points)<br>Mick (Slade)–Vs–Waltertaws  20 – 0  (3-0 points)

    Group 14 <br>Keith Reed–Vs–Racing Daily  10 – 26  (0-3 points)<br>SteveH–Vs–Colin Little 16 – 51 (0-3 points)

    (Edited by Jim JTS at 4:30 pm on Feb. 11, 2007)

    Jim JTS
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    Tables now fully updated… :comp1:

    <br>*Corm could you do the countback to decide the outcome of groups 4, 5 & 8.

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    Group 4 – <br><br>Pat123 qualifies (aggregate scores in the two games against RayH = Pat123 34 – RayH 8)<br><br>Group 5 (nightmare!)

    Bertie, Flatseasonlover and Trigger qualify. In the games involving those 4 players the following points were accumulated by each – Bertie 167, Flatseasonlover 156, Trigger 129, Harry The Wragg 74. Very unlucky Harry.

    Group 8

    Michael Walsh qualifies (beating Mister Cee 37-16 on their countback).

    Racing Daily
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    I’ll lay absolution back at 10/1 now and tie in a tidy little 18pt profit :biggrin:

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    Phew just managed to sneak in then! I’ll be naughty and do the odds when i know the fixtures.

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    Quote: from cormack15 on 12:50 pm on Feb. 5, 2007[br]<br>Group 5<br>Harry the Wragg is in pole position and seems certain to qualify.

    Ouch that had to hurt. Very unlucky Harry, you seem to have a rare off day yesterday and i was lucky to catch you when I did!

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