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Congratulations Richard Hills

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    This probably belongs on Jimbo’s rare birds thread, but I can’t find it and in any case it probably deserves a thread of its own.

    This weekend saw two peerless front running displays on Imaam and Whispering Gallery to give Richard Hills what I believe is a unique record and one unlikely ever to be equalled in the modern era:

    A strike rate of over one in four for a jockey in all handicaps contested in a season (minimum 100 rides)

    To put this into context, Ryan Moore’s current strike rate in handicaps is 16% and Seb Sanders achieved a strike rate of 17% in his championship winning season when he was given thrown-in plum ride after thrown-in plum ride.

    The great man’s hapless knockers try to make ridiculous claims about him only winning on steering jobs but this handicap record rather puts these clowns in their place. This weekends victories were fairly typical. He was up against better handicapped and favoured in the betting rivals (a 9 length winner LTO under a 6lb penalty on Saturday and a horse handicapped by legging up Culhane three times in a row on a jolly today!). He still dished out the riding lessons, leaving his layers with empty pockets and regrets.

    We salute you Sir.

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    It’s been a rule of thumb of mine for a while that if for whatever reason I have a bet in a handicap, I immediately look at what Dickie Hills rides. Every single time I look at the results of handicaps I seem to see his name there next to #1.

    Actually it’s quite ironic how Dickie Hughes and Dickie Hills have been slagged off for years and based on this season’s evidence they’re comfortably 2 of the top 5 jockeys riding in the UK.

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    I saw both rides at the weekend and hats off to Richard Hills. I have never had a problem with his riding though and its perhaps now he is older and more mature that he is getting more consistent. Yes he rides a lot of nice horses for nice yards but he does it very well.

    dave jay
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    Yes .. well done Richard .. and thanks to Glenn for pointing the said jockey out a few years ago .. disciples have been rewarded, as it was foretold.

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    The best ride over the last week was the one given to Kings Apostle in the

    Group 1

    in France on Sunday.

    The jockey was English but I forget his name.

    Think he has a sister that landed a touch at Brighton last week when she romped home.

    Without his injuries two years ago he would have been Champion Jockey for the last 3 years.

    Possibly used to live in Brighton.

    Jounalist Peter Thomas yesterday in the RP kept comparing him to Lester Piggott.

    Any thoughts who the jockey is?

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    Nope, no idea. :wink:


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    Well seeing how this thread has been hijacked I’ll join in :)

    What about the superb Neil Callan. A beautiful ride from the front in the 2 miler at Beverley yesterday. A display of strength and tactical awareness par excellence. He’s doing it day in day out. Cant understand why he’s not on good Group horses more often, he definitely deserves to be.

    Lets not forget the best female jockey of them all. Great stuff from her at Sandown last night from a poor draw. Hasn’t been getting the same quality or quantity of rides since she lost her claim but give her the horse and the excellent Kirsty gets the job done. Hopefully a horse like Shamandar will help raise her profile.

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    terrible jockey this fella especially in a finish

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    A remarkable individual for a shortarse – I refer, of course, to Richard Hills, NOT to Glenn.

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