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    In an attempt to avoid the usual straightforward tipping competition this years TRF Cheltenham contest will take the format of entrants predicting the outcome of various handicapped matches with 12 matches per day and 14 on the last day, making 50 in all.

    You get one point for each match outcome you correctly predict and the winner will be the person with most points – straightforward enough?

    As an example, 2 of the first day match ups will be as follows –

    Fair Along Vs My Way De Solzen (+1.9 lengths)<br>Hardy Eustace (+2.1 lengths)  Vs  Brave Inca

    If you thought Fair Along would beat  My Way De Solzen by 2 lengths or more you’d select him, otherwise you’d select My Way De Solzen.

    Similarly, if you think Hardy Eustace will  either beat or finish within 2 lengths of Brave Inca you’d select him, and so on.

    I’ll post the matches plus handicaps the evening before racing and all entries must be in before the off-time of the first race on the day. Edits made after that time will render your selections null and void.

    The judges (me) decision will be final.

    Other rules –

    Winning distances will be those published in the Racing Post.

    If your horse fails to finish then, for the purpose of the competition, it will be adjudged to have finished 20 lengths behind the last finisher.

    If both horses in the match fail to finish they will be adjudged to have dead-heated.

    Prize –

    The prize for the winner will be a copy of the triple DVD ‘Cheltenham – Hall of Fame’ which features almost 5 hours of action from Cheltenhams of days gone by and, inevitably, footage of all the greats from each era.

    (If the competition winner already has a copy of the DVD an alternative cash prize of £20 is available)

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    Spreads?  Sounds cool.  I’m in :)

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    Same prize as us :biggrin: <br>

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