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    Not the biggest shock from the BHA

    The Disciplinary Panel held an enquiry into a report that CHANINBAR (FR), trained by Martin Keighley, was reluctant to go to post and reluctant to race before refusing at the fifth fence in the Shloer Steeple Chase at Cheltenham on 13 November 2011. The matter was referred to the Authority by the Cheltenham Stewards following their enquiry of the same day because the gelding had also refused to race on three previous occasions in March 2011 and April 2011. The Panel also noted that the on the last occasion that CHANINBAR (FR) had run, which was in France at Auteuil on 18 June 2011, the gelding had again been ‘reluctant to go to post and reluctant to race’.

    Having considered the evidence, including a written statement from Keighley, the Panel declared that with immediate effect no further entries would be accepted for Jump races.

    Bachelors Hall
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    Does this kind of horse really bring the sport into disrepute?

    Anyone betting on the race should know that he’ll either put in a half decent effort or simply not fancy it. Those betting on the horse himself should understand that his price gets inflated as a result of his recalcitrance.

    Besides, newcomers to the sport would only consider his behaviour to be disgraceful after some fuddy duddy brings attention to same.

    I for one felt he brought additional fleeting intrigue to his races and will actually miss the enigmatic monkey.

    Now I just hope he has a nice retirement.

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    Quite simply the horse has had enough.
    I too would hope that a good home is found for him, after all he has won and placed in Grade 3 races, and doesnt owe anyone anything

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    Correct decision. The horse is a liability to punters and a danger to jockeys. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for him to come out a stall on the flat either, should connections decide to keep him going.

    He can keep that fiver too! Gawd bless the swine. :D

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    Many years ago I experimented with actively backing such horses, on the grounds that they represented value because they were known to be temperamental and were under-bet as a result. I can’t recall getting anything more than the occasional run for my money out of it, but do wonder if such a system sustained over a very long period of time might produce rewards.

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    I think it’s fair enough, far rather see him banned than beaten to get down to the start. Horses are pack animals, they don’t not follow the herd unless they REALLY don’t want to. Me and my OH were saying at chelt he’s the sort of horse, if you took out of training for a year, send it over solid ‘proper’ XC fences (not this XC racing lark) send him hunting, combined training, Sjing, so he doens’t get bored then if he does that ok send him racing (if he doesn’t- play hacking horse!), and see if he jumps and if he doesn’t then he’s got a massive jump and would make a cracking amateurs BE horse IMO.

    Obviously they won’t try that now, but I hope he goes to a nice home where he will NEVER have to set foot on a racetrack and will get to put that ridiculously nice jump to good use.

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    Does anyone know when he fell out of love with racing? I’m asking this because my first awaresness of such horses was when I was at Aintree and Vodkatini refused to start. It was years later that I realised it he had started to do so after a particularly nasty fall in a race. Trouble with Chaninbar is that, having also refused last time out as well, you wouldn’t want that to happen hunting or eventing. Did you say he had a big jump in him? Puissance perhaps? [can you imagine the look on his face..if only he could talk] Hope he’s got a friendly disposition; if he’s the type that eats people for breakfast, I’m not sure what the future holds for him.

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    Moe – I think that he was first reluctant to race in the Haldon Gold Cup in October last year. The first time he refused to race was in the Grand Annual in March

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    Forgot to add that he was also reluctant over hurdles once at Market Rasen back in 2008

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    I thought he’d always been a bit quirky about going to the start, and it’s just developed. He got a "mulish" at Fakenham before the MR effort.

    I was actually surprised he was still permitted to race after RR 3 times in a row – on the flat wouldn’t he have have been barred for a time?

    I hope he does have a good retirement – he’s a lovely looking horse and he made me smile, even being a mule – he certainly looked very full of himself last time as he came back up the horsewalk…

    The Young Fella
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    I remember Paul Nicholls describing Chaninbar as "a thinker" on his Channel 4 interactive page many years ago when he trained the horse.

    Maybe his quirkiness was almost innate!

    I’ll miss him though. Chaninbar still had a big run in him when he fancied it.

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    Good to know that people think of my chani in a good way and not lambasting him for what he is. He is truley a very talented horse on his day which he has proven on many occasions.
    We are considering sending him ptp for the next season and see where he goes from there, after all he is only 9 and in his prime, the gauling part about him is that he is a true gent at home.

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