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British Success at Wimbledon

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    A great day for British tennis with the Brit Jamie Murray winning in the mixed-doubles. The first Brit to win for 20 years. Perhaps, with his brother Andy fit in future years this may be the start of more British success at Wimbledon.

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    Maybe it’s the usual British cynicism speaking here, but I seriously doubt Andy will ever win Wimbledon. He’s a hard court player IMO, and I’m still not sure how he copes with the weight of expectation, as up to now he’s always had ‘Tiger Tim’ to lump it on to if need be. He’s also a grade A eggshell, going right back to when the first came on the scene. A great talent without a shadow of a doubt, I just hope and pray he’s got the mental game to take a slam (any slam!) in his career.

    Fabulous achievement by his big brother though. He has a decent serve and is a useful volleyer, which makes him a great doubles player/grass court champ of old. It’s always been said that Jamie was every bit as able as Andy, does anyone know pecisely what, if anything, went wrong with him?

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    Not sure about their achievements on the court, but those 2 lads could seriously do with a decent hair stylist.


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