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    bob rolf
    bob rolf
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    Here’s the podium finish for this seasons 4PP

    1st…GREY DESIRE…619[/color:35rp1ro0]



    Many Congratulations to GREY DESIRE[/color:35rp1ro0] who takes the crown of 4PP CHAMPION 2011 GREY DESIRE[/color:35rp1ro0] was 60 points behind in 7th place last week but a magnificent score of 82 points this week see’s him get his head in front on the line and take this seasons title by 4 points from the long time leader LAVER[/color:35rp1ro0] and last week’s second placed JORDON[/color:35rp1ro0] just 18 points back in the final podium spot
    Once again very well done to GREY DESIRE[/color:35rp1ro0] who add’s the 4PP Champion 2011 to his August win and Naps Champion for 2011

    Here’s the final League table for season 2011 4PP CHAMPIONSHIP 2011[/color:35rp1ro0]
    5th March 2011 to 27th August 2011[/color:35rp1ro0]

    Final League Table
    27th August 2011 (week 26 of 26)[/color:35rp1ro0]

    619 GREY DESIRE[/color:35rp1ro0]
    615 LAVER[/color:35rp1ro0]
    597 JORDON[/color:35rp1ro0]
    597 Grundy
    579 Ted
    572 RayH
    560 Neil
    544 Chrissy
    522 Manor
    517 Andrew Saunders
    516 Steve H
    506 Bob Rolf
    503 Bampi
    485 Merve the Swerve
    483 Laney
    471 The Cardiffian
    470 Weyayeman
    469 Kingmonkey
    463 Londonharry
    460 Nathan Hughes
    455 Stilvi
    452 Pat123
    449 The Form Anorak
    449 Mick Slade
    442 Latefortheraces
    435 Andrew_03
    423 Rainman
    422 John Williams
    420 Fisherman
    415 Mistercee
    414 Anne7
    409 Merlin the Magician
    407 Michael Walsh
    404 Non Vintage
    404 Chloed
    403 Maurice
    402 Bertie
    392 Scratville
    389 Aaronizneez
    386 Quadrilla
    382 Eddy7
    381 TonyJohn
    367 Raycyn28
    365 Kieran
    358 JohnnyB
    355 Threewood
    354 Grimes
    353 Justbetting
    350 Elcartero
    349 Colin (dvds2000)
    347 RacingNews
    333 Slater
    332 Jparsons
    331 Brenda
    322 Albert
    312 Over2u
    311 Robert Gibbs
    303 Triptych
    298 Pompete
    294 Jetleo1111
    294 Fappy
    293 Sugar Turkey
    290 Manugirl
    274 Sir Alan
    268 Benji
    263 Doyley
    253 The Young Fella
    234 Tuffers
    232 Kevin
    228 Doublethetrouble
    223 Lees
    220 Grotbags66
    199 Sea Pidgeon
    192 Sixtoone
    187 Beecher’s Chair
    179 Matty
    161 LesWhitton
    142 360 Degrees
    140 Absolution
    112 Gundasta
    101 Roosterbooster
    066 Sberry
    055 Tetleys
    050 Blunkett
    049 Dazzer
    048 Richbowman
    046 Cormack15
    032 Irish Stamp
    027 Adrian
    025 Texfitz
    020 Happy
    020 CharlesOlney
    016 Curlycov
    012 Johng
    010 Sandwith100
    006 Shadowman
    006 Peejay
    006 Dess
    006 Danny
    002 Goblin
    000 JMP
    000 Bobby Bluebell
    000 % Man

    bob rolf
    bob rolf
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    Many thanks to

    for their continued sponsorship of the 4PP competition
    Also thanks to

    David Cormack

    for his help and support throughout the season and thanks also this season to

    CC 2011

    for the admin of the

    Daylight Cup

    and to

    Nathan Hughes

    for making the draws.
    Also thanks to everyone who has taken part in this seasons competition and after a short break we will do battle again for the 2011/12 season

    bob rolf
    bob rolf
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    Nathan Hughes
    Nathan Hughes
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    Well done Grey Desire, top tipping……..

    Big thanks as ever to Bob Rolf on a sterling job and I look forward to next time.

    Don't Eat The Pie and Don't Buy The S*n

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    Well done on a great win Grey Desire, I thought I had that :)

    Your score this week deserved to take the title, well done again


    Grey Desire
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    Thanks,if only a certain French football manager could be so gracious in defeat!!

    I got lucky,two of my big winning naps (Jimmy Styles & Black Coffee) only became naps after the original selections were NR’s.
    The only one I was ever really convinced about was Ballabriggs in the National.

    I said to myself all last week that I needed a 16/1 nap minimum to have a chance.
    Both my winning selections on Saturday got balls of steel hold up rides and both got up right on the line to win by a nose and a short head respectively.
    Of course Quischi’s second was still needed in the end also.

    I was gutted to have got knocked out of the Daylight Cup when I did as (for obvious reasons) I’ve been desperate to win that competition.

    I’ve never felt I had the consistency (like Ted & Steve for instance) to win over a period of six months but now I have I can safely say it gives me greater pleasure than any other competition I have won on here over the last nine years.

    Goes without saying a big thank you to Bob for all his efforts and I look forward to my cowning,whenever that may be!!

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    Well done from me too, Grey Desire….If anyone ever deserved to be ‘Cowned’ it was you, coming with a late run as you did to overhaul the gallant Laver.
    As always a special thanks to Bob for his tireless efforts on our behalf and like everyone else I can’t wait for the next one when perhaps for once I can keep up with the pace.
    Congratulations too to Nathan Hughes for winning the Ward 7 Sub-Section of the 4PP having also won the recent York Ebor competition. :D

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    bob rolf
    bob rolf
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    :D ‘Cowned’ :D
    I’ve changed it now to read ‘Crowned’ although Cowned did make me smile

    Didn’t Roger Federer once get a Cow for winning a tournament,

    Does make a change from free bets and a trophy :)

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    I think we all liked "cowned, Bobbers :D

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    Great stuff GD – well done. Racing’s toughest tipping competition, and its best!

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