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Best way to access Betfair on the move??

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    I’m not particularly techy and would welcome advice on the best hand held device with internet access, to allow me to use Betfair at work.

    As like a lot of people "evil" gambling sites such as Betfair are blocked by my employer.

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    Grasshopper might be able to help us on this, Alan.<br>I presume he’s wearing a Blackberry as well as a black beret when he posts us from Paris.

    As a supplementary to your question, could any other Betfairers advise what kind of damage regular access to  Betfair Mobile  do to one’s monthly mobile phone bill?I accessed this forum regularly in October and got a rude surpise by post recently.

    BTW it’s surprising how few TRFists admit to being Betfair players and how liittle attention Betfair issues receive on our messageboard.

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    I think most of us have Betfair accounts (me included) but by the same token I think we’d all agree the Betfair forum is the minor leagues compared to TRF – there is very little moderation on there, punters are rude and abrasive and very few of the forumites on betfair are helpful.

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    I believe O2s XDA (or up-to-date equivalent) is fairly good for the type of application you mention alan. Betdaq certainly used to be available on it, so I assume the same is true of Betfair.

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    A ‘P’ series Sony Ericsson is adaquate for the task too.  I have a P910i which seemed to work fine for Betfair lite, back when I was a Betfair user.

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    betfair mobile via your mobile phone

    works a treat on my Nokia 6233 :cool:

    To keep costs down I take advanatge of the Orange add-on to allow me to download upto 4mb of data over GPRS for £4/month  

    For the odd bet when I am away from my computer this tariff is just the ticket.. :biggrin:

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    And you can access Betfair on your blackberry (in a cut down form) on

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