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Best performances ever in the history of the Cheltenham Gold Cup?

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    Here I am ranking in order of merit the best performances ever in the history of the Cheltenham Gold Cup.

    1.Arkle in 1964

    The margin may not have so great but still Arkle was as majestic as any great emperor devouring a great chaser like Mill House with contempt,not ever seen on a racetrack.Equivalent of Muhammad Ali giving his most classical knockout punch.

    2.Golden Miller in 1935

    In Thommond 11 conquered one of the most powerful opponents faced by a chaser.With spectacular courage staved off a challenge in heavy going to prevail by 3/4th of a length.Winning margin small,but still a performance out of the top drawer.

    3.Easter Hero in 1929

    Not faced the best of opposition but displayed superiority at it’s zenith to win y 20 lengths from Lloydie.For sheer virtuosity a performance of sublime proportions,displaying an uncharacteristic burst even after setting the pace to win on the bridle.Reminiscent of energy from metaphysical regions.

    4.Denman in 2008

    Conquered the great Kauto Star,who was the equivalent of Arkle in his day.Few chasers ever were as much a manifestation of the powerhouse of energy of a steeplechaser.Rarely ever seen more relentless spirit by a chaser on a racetrack ,running the greatest chasers off their legs.The manner he seized the lead four fences out to take a 10 length lead is almost unprecedented in the Gold Cup.

    5.Master Oats in 1996

    Rarely ever in the Gold cup have rivals seen devoured as mercilessly as Master Oats did.Class in region s of divinity like an emperor leading a procession. Faced the most challenging going and jumped with unsurety till the final stage of the race.2 fences out Master Oats displayed one of the most spectacular burst or comebacks to coast past Ireland’s Merry Gale and prevail over Dubacilla by 15 lengths.It was reminsicent of a divine energy being transfused into the horse.

    6.Mill House in 1963

    A brilliant 12 length victory against chasers of the highest class like Fortria,which made Mill House look like an incarnate of the great Golden Miller. Few chasers ever looked as imperious till then in the run in.

    7.Best Mate in 2003

    Noone looked more like a re-incarnation of Arkle when Best Mate strode out unchallenged to win by 10 lengths from Truck or Tavern.Hard to find an adjective which would do justice to the manner he pounded after the last fence,through the run in.

    8.Kauto Star in 2007

    Faltered at the last but still spectacularly ressurected stride to win with the majestic aura of an emperor.The manner he pulled away in the run in took chasing’s aesthetics to regions of the sublime.

    9.L’Escargot in 1971

    Won by 10 longlooking lengths asserting superiority rarely seen in the Gold Cup.On heavy ground devoured Leap Frog but benefited from the fall of Glencariag Lady.

    10.Tied Cottage in 1980(Disqualified)

    Majestically led all the way to win by 8 lengths,virtually untouched.One of the most spectacular performances to make all the running on racetrack.Tied Cottage extended his lead upto 25 lengths and resembled a piper leading a merry dance or a conductor guiding a symphony.Tragically he was to lose the race on technical grounds for carrying the prohibited substance theobromine.THe quantity of substance was so minute or minimal that it could have had no effect on the result.

    11.Burrough Hill Lad in 1984

    Conquered a very classy field blending all the components of a perfect chaser,to win by 4 lengths.Overcame the class of chasers like Canny Danny,Gaye Chance and Phil the Fluter to win with remorseless ease,like a plane taking of a runway.

    12.Captain Christy in 1974

    Won with the authority of a true champion to beat the Dikler by 5 lengths.Crashed on the last fence but spectacularly revived.Classof the highest degree,but benefited from the fall of Pendil.


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    How about Coneygree, who galloped and jumped the opposition into submission in his first season over fences with one of the greatest rounds of jumping seen in the Blue Riband?

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    In the 1935 GC Golden Miller was deliberately left half a stone short of peak fitness by his trainer, the GN being more important, without which he would have been about 8 lengths ahead of Thomond!

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    On a topical note, I’d add The Fellow to this list, not just for his win but his overall record in the race.

    He Didnt Like Ground
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    From a betting point of view Lord Windermere and Native River , as a performance Denman , Findlay believes his heart gave out and effected his finish ….if that’s the case how far could he have won by , from a betting point I couldn’t believe his price for his 2nd Hennessey ….I ran to the bookies wooping

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    Im thinking of a horse that had the ground and most certainly the circuit completely against him. Can we say that about any of the other mentions?

    He was of course the most charismatic chaser of them all.

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    Dawn Run; a virtual novice, a fierce gallop from the very start (in a record time), and but for greed would surely have run up a sequence.

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    All these lists are subjective, so I won’t go into those who don’t deserve to be there; however, facts are facts and Denman won in 2008, not 2009. ;-)

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    @Gladiateur I have made correction of date Denman’s gold cup win. win .Thanks and sorry for error.

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    @GoldenMiller34 Would Golden Miller have beaten Arkle ever?A comparable performance with respect to weights and opposition?

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