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    The Wizard
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    What do you consider to be the best fight you’ve ever seen (and I don’ t mean the mental dude from school sticking the loaf on some poor unfortunate in the scheool yard!)

    I think mine would have to be the final Hagler – Leonard fight, but in those days, the rumbles seemed to be much better all round……

    Thomas ‘The Hit Man’ Hearns was also one mean sone of a gun to see in action? Where are the stars nowadays?

    A particularly poignant memory for me was the loss of the Matchstick Man, Johnnie Owen, who never regained consciousness after his stoppage by Lupe Pintor. Mr Owen was a local lad to where I lived, and a proud flagbearer for Welsh boxing, and a sad reminder of the fine line between the noble art and barbarism!

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    I agree, Hagler, Leonard and Hearns provided us with several memorable contests, but my favourite in that division, at that time, was Roberto Duran.  He barely altered his reckless lifestyle just because a fight was scheduled yet still produced some of the gutsiest performances I have ever seen.<br>My favourite Welsh boxer is Colin Jones.

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    I have to go with a recent fight…… Barrera v Morales 1, it had it all.

    Best KO: Hearns KO2 Duran

    Black Sam Bellamy
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    I know it ended in tragedy but the Nigel Benn, Gerald McClellan slugfest was a classic fight as both men gave and took some tremendous shots

    The Wizard
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    I saw the programme on Thursday night (channel 5 I think) that showed the first fight between Eubank and Benn – what a good fight that was!

    The rematch (along with a couple of early Ali fights (Liston / Patterson) is on shortly before midnight tonight.

    lollys mate
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    I would go as far to say that the Benn v Eubank series  of fights, was my favorite time in boxing.

    You could watch it on t.v. and even the build up to the fight had passion.

    I really miss a good boxing match, thats televised.<br> I go to watch my cousin box at amature events, and you get better boxing there than you will ever get on t.v.

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    BUGNER V BRUNO…a classic:biggrin:

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    webster v fallon…beverly racecourse

    Scottish Jamie
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    Have to agree with ALI.

    Marco Antonio Barrera vs Erik Morales 4 years ago was totally awesome. Round 5 was, perhaps, the most amazing 3 minutes of sport I’ve seen. Sadly but probably inevitably, the rematch was not remotely as good. Rather irritatingly the judges got both fights wrong as well, Barrera should have been the winner first time but lost, however, he was given the decision 2nd time when he genuinely did lose. Only in boxing :angry:

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    Yeah, I’ll go along with Hagler v Leonard, partly because I won money on it.–but slightly off topic? –if Audley Harrison EVER becomes heavyweight champion–I’ll eat my thermal hats, 4 of em! ( thats World heavyweight) not some mickey mouse belt! ( I’ve just watched his fight) :(

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    Ian Davies v The Forum…..  The Basingstoke Bruiser seems to always win on points though. :confused:

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    for me has to be McGuigan vs Pedroza……had everything that one……….great fight, great night

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    I remember watching a great Hagler – Leonard fight I believe Hagler won, but lost the eventual decision. I think people, including the referees wanted Leonard to win it.

    But having seen clips of some of Duran’s bouts, I’d have to agree he was awesomely brutal! Leonard must have been some boxer to work him over the second time they met.  

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    Tyson and Ali inseperable for me too. Tyson`s fights against Trevor Berbick and Michael Spinks (92seconds!) I remember in particular, though I was only around 5 I remember the hulabaloo and watched them a few years later. He had some fist in those days. The poor dudes never knew what hit them!

    Slippy Blue
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    Benn/McClellan,ferocious battle.<br>Buster Douglas bashing Tyson is well worthy of a mention also.

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