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    Currently planning a trip to Paris for the November Festival they have at Auteuil the first weekend of November.

    Has anyone ever been and does anyone know how far it is from the main centre of Paris or more specifically from CDG Airport?

    Can get flights early going out and late coming back (7am and 10pm local times) just wondering if it’s worth just going for the day or stopping over?


    Karly Flight
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    Auteuil is just outside Paris, accessible by the Metro Porte d’Auteuil. It’s about 30 minutes from CDG airport. With those flight times you’d easily be able to do it in a day (I think the Sunday card is much better that the Saturday if I remember correctly).
    The disadvantage of doing a day trip is of course missing out on an evening out in Paris.
    Auteuil is a lovely racecourse and I can definitely recommend coming over. I haven’t been to the November meeting before but think they get a reasonable crowd, by French standards anyway. Beware though although it is billed as an "international jumping weekend" there are rarely more than a couple of foreign challengers. It is a great opportunity though to see Macaire, Chaillé-Chaillé, Doumen père & fils etc on home ground..

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    Actually in Paris (16th).

    Very easy travelling to the course ,it`s actually on the Paris side of the Parc Boulogne (metro Porte d`Auteuil) near the Tennis courts of Roland Garros,track has been extensively modernised during past few years,plenty of decent Hotels nearby (By Paris standards in any case),if i was in your shoes i would look for an Hotel in the 15th (Bit more life) or 16th(Bit more upmarket/plenty embassies etc) , they are reasonably central and easy to move around, i actually own an apartment in the 16th and am very happy with the location (albeit 2km from racecourse and about 1km from Champs Elysees).

    Should be fun!!

    ps I would look for my own hotel as these tour operators offer mainly crap and the Parisien Hotel keepers are particular good at making crap look good on the brochure!!..suppose it depends on your pocket to some extent!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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