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    Lots of money for the JP horses prior to Cheltenham, how significant is this? Does anyone read much into the plunges?

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    I do JJM,Money talks at this game and ‘JP’ has a fine group of horses going to Cheltenham,I’ve done a load of Lucky 31’s with ‘My JP selections’ this morning,Ive taken the view

    Sunnyhill Boy

    wil go for the ‘Kim Muir’ though!

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    I have been told that he likes to get a winner on day one to pay for all the dinners,etc, which he underwrites during the week.That may be just a story.But it has a message.

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    E A S T L A K E :wink: backed him before the decs came out.

    The Young Fella
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    You know for every big JP McManus plot, there will be 3 or 4 ‘false favourites’.

    Maybe I am cynical, but I think the bookies take advantage of the legend and create the moves on horses in his colours sometimes. Along with every Get Me Out Of Here/Like-A-Butterfly/Reveillez/Witchita Lineman mega punt, there is a Clew Bay Cove/Don’t Push It/Nowhere To Hyde/Sunnyhillboy unplaced fav story.

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    Wise beyond your years Young’un :)

    Not cynicism, rather a healthily ruddy-cheeked scepticism

    JP’s exploits may enchant the punters and his six-figures entrance, but he delights the bookmakers who roll out the barrows for the two-figures of the hypnotised

    The ‘Legendary Freddie Williams’: a legend because he stood JP’s bets. A loss-leader perhaps/possibly/maybe, but there’s no publicity like bad publicity

    JP is a personable, dignified chap and the antithesis of the Findlay/Ramsden high-rolling brash archetype; but nevertheless, like them, he’s a heavy-hitter in the public eye and therefore more the layers’ pal than the punters’ pal

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    My understanding is JP seldom bets these day and when he does it is usually at Cheltenham on the day.

    AP gambles are crazy when you have his sort of money. As we’ve seen in the Champion Hurdle Grandouet and Sprinter Son have already gone and no doubt a few others could go at anytime.

    He can afford to wait and if he wants to win 200K he can find the stake to do it and not worry for months if he’s even going to get there’ He also has the added advantage, if he waits, of knowing if his horse is spot on before betting.

    I personally can’t have Sunnyhillboy. I was on him when they landed a right touch at Sandown prior to him running in the County where the money was down again and without reason flopped and left all concerned scratching their heads.

    Then he turns up at Aintree and afraid to back him he scoots up.

    He almost pulled it of when beaten by Great Endeavour but back in April he was really disappointing when expected to win the Irish national.

    In the Atlantic Gold Cup when he was made fav and flopped agin it is hardly coincidence that JP won the race with another.

    He sticks out like a sore thumb at Cheleteham in the lesser Kim Muir, diehards will get stuck in if there’s as much as a rumour he’s fancied. Then if you have taken a price is the time to green up and get out IMO

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    E A S T L A K E :wink: backed him before the decs came out.

    Can you confirm which race this horse has a high enough mark to qualify for? I fear you have probably done your money.

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    I notice Eastlake is in four handicaps at the Festival. Hope Hurdy is on the right race. :wink:

    One thing Stilvi, if the horse is balloted out on the day, Hurdy gets his money back. Although it’s still got to be in the right race of four to do so. Fingers crossed for you Fist.

    Hurdy’s mate Jonjo will have pointed him in the right direction. Although backing so far in advance and having entered East Lake for four races… It seems Jonjo doesn’t have much of an idea where he’ll end up either. :lol:

    Value Is Everything
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