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    anyone ever tried this stake all type bet. keep rolling on and on.

    so start with £20 and bet on say 1/5 shots.

    if you get 20 in a row at 1/5 you have £766. i know it sounds ridiculous but im going to try it. its very rare i would lose on such a short priced one. i dont normally bother as dont have the funds but if its choosing a 8/11 shot to get placed etc

    obviously its more complicated than than and i bet i will lose but nonetheless if can only lose £20 then why not give it a shot!!

    anyone ever tried?

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    These 5 to 1 on chances actually lose about 20 per cent of the time.

    This type of bet is usually called a ‘roll-up’ and involves stringing together a series of short priced selections over a period of time. It’s probably worth doing for interest, although a target of 20 winners in a row seems far too ambitious as you would lose about 98% of the time. It’s like betting on a 33/1 shot, but you get a better run for your £20.

    Good luck with it.

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    I dont think there is any chance of a profit.
    You need 5 winners just to make 1 point profit.
    I would tend to want to lay them all day long.

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    I totally agree

    its like walking around with clamp on your head.

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    Managed to do this at the 8th attempt but only going for 10 in a row, so it is possible but ultimately not worthwhile! All i did was find horses i believed to be certain to be placed and accumulated.

    So 7 losses of £20 = £140

    But the accum i won with paid £129

    So taking the eighth stake off – a loss of £31

    So a total waste of time experiment but at least i can write it off!

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