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    Just a couple of things that are frustrating me lately…..
    Firstly can anyone tell me the best way to get going and overnight weather reports early on in the day- ATR text is a bit hit and miss, yesterday’s are still up as I write.Secondly is there an audio commentary that I can dial for UK racing when on the move that won’t cost an arm and a leg and that’s accessible from an Irish mobile? My provider won’t let me access W Hill commentaries any more. Thanks in advance!

    Oh So Sharp
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    Totesport have live racing commentary. All I know is that they charge 10p per min from a UK landline and you can call from an Irish mobile.

    Not sure of the rate but they have a freephone number.

    Not sure if they are any quicker than ATR but you can try

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    You can sometimes get overnight weather information here, when they can be arsed to update it. … efault.asp

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    Thanks guys, I can’t access that Totesport number either, sadly- must be all those low-rate ones that are blocked on my network.

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    Best source of timely info on going and weather at tracks is the BHA website – but it’s only accessible if you have a Weatherbys bank account and have registered with them – they charge for looking at entries etc, but not for the going section. The tracks all update that website direct and the updates are timestamped so you know if the info is up to date.

    As you’ve been involved with ownership, thought you might qualify.


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    If you want really accurate information on the weather for Ascot you may find this link useful:

    I’m not sure whether other courses also have weather stations

    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    Carv go here

    Put the courses post code in and you get hourly reports free of charge

    You can get all the post codes of the internet

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    Tommo gives you up to date going and overnight weather daily on Talksport radio at 6.50 am, it replaced the old racing bulletin that used to be on R5, it comes from the HRA and direct from the tracks. He even throws in a couple of his tips :lol:

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    this is what I use


    I use these ok on my pda, would be useful to have a non premium rate commentry number

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