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14 April Stake Plan bets 2 points<br>2.00 Cheltenham Samuel Wilderspin PU/14 @ 12/1<br>3.55 Beverley Auroville 8/16 @ 22/1<br>3.55 Beverley Orion Express 6/16 @ 14/1<br>4.05 Newmarket Relaxed 1/17 @ 7/117.00 on Betfair!<br>4.20 Cheltenham My Line 1/10 @ 9/119.00 on Betfair!<br>4.30 Beverley Melodian 5/19 @ 7/1<br>4.55 Cheltenham Andreas NR

3 winners from 15 selections – SR 20.00%<br>LSP: 10.50   LSO: 12.50   LBF: 27.30 (after 5% commission)<br>SSP: 22.50   SSO: 26.00   SBF: 55.60 (after 5% commission)<br><br>Today started off where yesterday left off but a quick fire brace at 7s & 9s (much better available at BF in both cases) means we are nicely in profit now. And I thought just for a moment that Melodian was going to do the biz too, which really would have been the iceing on the cake!

Be Lucky!


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