When will in-play horse racing betting become a true reality?

When will in-play horse racing betting become a true reality?


If you go to any sports betting website, then the chances are that you will be able to take in-play bets on a wide array of sports that range from football and tennis, to basketball and ice hockey. However, many horse racing fans will have found themselves frustrated by the lack of live betting options caused by the time-lag inherent in the technology.


But it looks like things could soon be changing as advances in GPS technology have meant that racing fans can expect to place bets on the runners as the race is being run.


Already traditional bookmakers like William Hill have started to introduce some interesting live betting options at legendary racecourses like Brighton, Windsor and Worcester. This means that you can currently take an in-play bet on the winning distances and it’s expected that the amount of betting markets will dramatically increase as data transmission times improve.


Thanks to a wealth of information regarding how much ground a racehorse has covered and how easily it clears a jump, we should all soon start to gain an extra level of insight into how the runners are performing.


Whilst even some of the best horse racing betting sites highlighted at betting.org still only currently feature betting options for before the horse race begins, it’s expected that most bookies will introduce live horse racing betting soon. This means that punters will be able to wager via a betting app that shows the position of each horse with an astonishing level of accuracy.


The current leading technology suggests that fans will be able to judge a racehorse’s position with a variance of 10cm and with a time lag of just 0.1 seconds.


This ‘big data’ approach to race performance comes on the back of developments in GPS technology that is able to send a signal from a satellite to a tag on a horse’s saddlecloth that is sent back to the grandstand in just a fraction of a second.


It won’t just be the sports betting fans who will benefit from this technological innovation, as trainers will also gain an extra level of insight. Whether it’s seeing how a runner tackles a jump, or even how they have managed to navigate through a pack, the use of big data is sure to help horse racing enter 21st century sport. So whilst horse racing live betting might not be a fixture at most sports betting sites, it looks like it’s only a matter of time before we can all take an in-play bet on the horse races.

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