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What You Need to Know Before Heading to Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot is one of the biggest and most reputable events in the British social calendar where the high society gets together to watch the world’s finest racehorses compete for some very big prizes. The Flat racing meeting is held for five days, starting from the 14th of June up to the 18th of June.

This major horseracing event host the highest quality Flat races in the world, where the crowd gets to enjoy a total of 18 group races. There are many horseracing fans that desire to attend this event, but the majority will probably settle down to watch Royal Ascot live streaming online.

The racecourse for the Royal Ascot was established in 1711 by Queen Anne and is located in Ascot, Berkshire, England. This traditional event is visited by around 300,000 people over the course of the five days, which is also visited by the royal family.

Her Majesty The Queen has attended the Royal Ascot every year during her reign and for the British that is a special moment to witness. Each of the five days at the Royal Ascot starts with the Royal Procession, when the Queen, as well as the other members of the royal family, appear in the Royal Landaus.

Betting at the Royal Ascot

Being a major horseracing event, it goes without saying that the Royal Ascot is also very popular amongst the bettors. Betting on this prestige event is super easy and many bettors are testing their skills to predict the outcome as well as their knowledge about the horseraces.

Even the beginners can easily learn how to pick a horse to bet on in just a couple of minutes. The players have a chance to bet via a land-based or online bookmaker, or they can bet with the Ascot Vouchers, which can be pre-purchased in values of £5, £10 and £20.

The players that get the vouchers can place bets at three different places at the Royal Ascot, such as in the Betting Ring, at a Betfred Betting Shop, or at one of the Bet With Ascot kiosks. It is important for the players to study their racecard in order to see which runners are in the best form.

There are numerous bets available at any betting place, where the most popular bets are “To Win”, “First Two”, and “Each Way”.

The Dress Code at the Royal Ascot

As the Royal Ascot has been around for a couple of centuries, it is fair to say that it comes with many traditions that the Brits are proudly following. One of the most eye-catching Ascot traditions is the dress code, which is respected by both men and women.

The men are obligated to wear a black or grey mourning dress, as well as a waistcoat and the famous top hat. Wearing the top hat is a must at the Royal Enclosure, except for the private box, restaurant, an enclosed terrace, and a few other designated areas.

Also, smart suits are required for the men that are in the Queen Anne Enclosure, and if you might have a guess, sportswear, shorts, and jeans are not permitted anywhere at the event.

The ladies at Ascot must wear classic formal dresses with a modest cut and a hat that has a minimum base of four inches. Trousers and jumpsuits are also allowed, but a jacket or top must also be worn, which must be in a matching fabric.

People will notice that the ladies choose to wear a mix of bright colour dresses with floral prints, as well as long flowing dresses. At the Queen Anne Enclosure and the Village Enclosure, the women must wear a hat, while the Windsor Enclosure doesn’t require a dress code.

The Wining and Dining at the Royal Ascot

At this event, the racegoers are allowed to bring their own picnics in certain areas or they can purchase a picnic and settle down. The attendees that are heading to the Heath and Winsdor Enclosures are also allowed to bring in one bottle of champagne or sparkling wine to their picnic.

Those who aren’t into picnics can choose from one of 15 restaurants that are ranging between the Royal Enclosure and the Villiers Club.