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Wagering to Win: Tips You Should Follow When Betting on the Preakness Stakes

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Preakness Stakes is one of the longest-running horse racing events worldwide with the best champions and great performances. Most bookmakers with horse racing will offer odds of all horse entries.

Bettors are normally aiming for long-term success in horse race betting. For you to be profitable in the long run, here are the tips that you should follow when betting on the Preakness Stakes.

Look into the Horse Cards

If you want horse race betting to be more exciting, it is better to check these horses to compete. You need to observe the trainer, jockey details, racing favorites, racing forms, and recent statistics for every horse entry.

It is also essential that you collect information to know the complete profile of horses and assess how they can go far on the race track. With these, it will help you to understand how to bet on Preakness stakes.

Finding Betting Sites

You have to ensure that you know where and how to wager to participate in the Preakness stakes betting if you want to improve your bankroll. Since more bettors want to bet online for the most significant odds and promotions and payout betting sites, you should find a wagering betting site that can be trusted.

Avoid encountering illegal bettings sites. You must have to stay with the regulated horse racing sites. Only register and sign up on the betting site that has a gambling license. The gambling license will be an excellent safety net to ensure that you are not about to be scammed.

The website must have the latest Secure Socket Layer Encryption (SSL Encryption), which means working with legitimate payment partners. With SSL encryptions, it will ensure that your account details and transactions will be protected from unsafe third parties. You have to stick with an updated betting website as they will always have the latest information about each Preakness Stakes betting.

Considering expert picks

You can depend on the expert’s picks but if you do not consider relying on an expert’s pick, you can use them for information to decide on your picks. Knowing an expert’s opinion is a great way to assess which horses will have the most outstanding performances.

Choose the Latest Odds

The odds are an essential aspect of sports betting that you must know and understand, especially when you want to maximize your winning chance. It reflects the amount of money that you bet on a horse, which means that the odds are short, the higher the amount is invested.

The odds will change within the betting period before the race, so you should have to be careful and keep a keen eye on them. And once you know more about horse racing odds, you may use it as a guide for you to be able to witness how much you could win and decide on your preferred race outcome.

Preakness Stakes Betting Types

Aside from reading the general betting guide for this year preakness stakes, anyone eager to place wagers on horse racing needs to know the basics regarding horse betting types.

First is Tote betting. It involves all the best placed on a particular betting market going into a pool as there are no fixed odds on this kind of betting type. You just have to determine by the number of totals bets placed and the total amount that was wagered. For example, the fewer people will place a bet on the same horses, the higher potential for returns.

One of the most popular types of bets is the win bet. By placing this type of bet, you are betting on a horse to win. Another one is the place bet, and if you have a favorite horse that you believe will win in horse racing, you may consider wagering on this bet. Also, there are many other horse race betting types you can play in Preakness Stakes, such as show, exacta, trifecta, superfecta, and daily double bet.


  • The show betting type works by placing a bet on a horse entry and must finish the first, second or third to win your bet.
  • In Exacta bet, the first two horses must orderly finish in a single race.
  • The trifecta betting type is on the first three horses to finish in a singles race.
  • The superfecta bet is on the first four-horse orderly to finish in a single race.
  • Daily Double bet will pick the winner of two consecutive races based on the card.

To Wrap Up

Preakness Stakes betting is about managing risk and maintaining discipline. This means that you need to have a clear goal in mind. The tips are essential guidelines as they will give you ideas on how to bet, create a betting strategy, choose the latest odds, and manage your bankroll.