Top Horse Races for May 2019 and Where to Watch Them

Top Horse Races for May 2019 and Where to Watch Them

The grand horse racing festival is here. It is time to put everything aside and enjoy summer in style. More than any other sports, horse racing is one of the most loved games in the UK that forces thousands of individuals to flock to the racetrack. If you are among the sport’s lovers, then you must be looking forward to it and looking for chances to watch the live event. Among the big races is the Chester Racecourse which attracts thousands of fans and participants from all over the world. Among the events at the Chester Racecourse is the Boodles May Festival which opens the racing season of this iconic course. The Boodles may festival is set to take place early next month, and everyone is looking forward to it. Last year saw a change in the running order for the three days. The opening day served as the trial day both for the Investec Oaks and Investec Derby, and this new setting led to increased anticipation for racegoers to witness another star during the flat season at Chester. The schedule will be as follows.

City day
The city day will take place on Wednesday, 8th May and will mark the 2019 season open or the inauguration of the Boodless May Festival. Chester Vase is among the most historic and prestigious racecourse that no one would wish to miss. It serves a breathtaking on-track action.

Ladies day
On Thursday, May 2019 will be the Ladies Day which marks the most stylish and spectacular event of the Boodless May Festival. It is among the top social occasions of this racing season as it will feature ladies dressed in spectacular outfits to color the event. Fashion and hospitality for the fans distinguish this event. Ladies Day entails the Final Furlong Restaurant, Private Boxes, and Festival chalets. Here attendees and viewers will get a chance to watch the races and the ladies who will be photographed in their colorful designs to make the day unique.

Chester cup day
Friday 10th May will mark the Chester Cup day which features the running of the Chester Cup, marking the most significant part of the three-day event. The Chester Cup has always been the most exciting part of the festival and the packages of the day include tea in the afternoon and an open bar. It will likely be the most attended event among them all. All the daily activities will be taking place from 1.50pm to 5.05 pm at Chester. The best part is that there will be Taxis transporting those who wish to attend the festival. Let us face it. Appearing on the main event’s ground can be a significant hassle with thousands trying to reserve a spot for the game and regardless of how much the management may want for it to happen, they cannot manage to have everyone attend it. Good news is that you can still watch the events. If you are unable to make it to the game, or you are not in the UK, you can live stream the big horse race in May from the comfort of your home or wherever you wish to watch it from and watch the real thing in real time.

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