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Top 5 Career Destinations for People with Passion for Racing

If you enjoy the thrills of motor racing, why not craft yourself a career from it? There are plenty of ways to make money from this hobby, including uses for numerous skills. Experts at Jooble, a top job aggregator, have looked into several examples worth our notice. Some include opportunities for racing journalists, while others include the more mechanical side. Find the right job for you with the information provided right here. Check out five of these recommended career paths and see the excitement yourself. You could be earning even more money than before, but now with the thrills of fast-paced racing.

Mechanical Engineering

This can be the first job that comes to mind when talking about racing. Thousands of people work in this profession, for even just one race alone. The skills needed take lots of work and background knowledge before being qualified. This rings especially true for more complex motor machines. Getting under the hood of a race car may have been your dream as a kid. The efforts to have something you have built race to the finish line can be just as exhilarating. This could be your chance to get as close to the action as possible.

Aerodynamic Designer

Once again, this is another path that requires a more detailed approach. When you think about aerodynamics, the average person may associate it with airplanes. However, the essentials of race car design are based on its principles. The more aerodynamic the car is, the faster it can ride through the wind. Becoming an Aerodynamics Designer will involve implementing such knowledge to some of the fastest vehicles around. With some extra work, you can make it go even faster.

Simulation and Performance Engineer

Cars would be nowhere without proper testing. A lot of those videos you see of crash test dummies flying out of cars come from a profession like this. The job is to simulate a racing environment to push the car to its limits. If they find any issues, they send them straight back to the workshop. It takes a keen understanding of how race cars work to test every nook and cranny. An engineer needs to make sure that the car is suitable for racing and completely safe. Safety always comes first. Most of the work in this career path is about drivers’ safety.

Sports Journalist

If you have a passion for writing and racing, you can combine the two. Sports journalism covers many different activities. You can write reports on some of the most exciting races to happen. You can review racers and their performances to rank the best ones for viewers. Many fans of racing will look towards your articles for detailed information. Hundreds of sports websites and magazines are looking for those with your passion.

Product Manager

It’s all well and good to make the cars. However, they are certainly going to need someone to sell them. Racers are always looking for the highest quality in their vehicles. Product managers are the ones who can paint a pretty picture for them. Show off some of the latest designs and hardware to help support the work of the engineers.It is up to you to help make a good car the highest demanded vehicle in the market. All it takes is the knowledge in both marketing and engineers to create the bestselling pitch.

Apply Both Skills and Interests

While these recommendations are great, there are many more opportunities to look for. Be specific in your interests and what you can bring to the world of racing. Whether it is designing or building, the world of racing is always looking for new talent.