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The home of intelligent horse racing discussion

The Most Famous Race Horses in History

Horse racing is a sport as old as civilization. Since humans first learned to train horses, the idea of racing them for sport bloomed, and soon the sport became one of the most popular pastimes of the Ancient Era. In Ancient Greece, for example, horse racing was done regularly, and in Rome, horse and chariot races were the most popular pastimes, after gladiatorial combat.

Today, the sport remains hugely popular, especially among bettors. In fact, for a long time, horse racing was the most popular betting sport. Though it has recently been supplanted by soccer, horse racing remains among the five most popular betting sports in the world. Betting sites like are dedicated to covering as many horse racing competitions as possible, with special focus placed on the big events, like the Kentucky Derby, the Dubai World Cup, etc.

Throughout history, the sport has seen some great horses racing the track. But who are the most famous and best ones? In this article, we are going to list the best horses in the history of racing.

Man o’War

Born in 1917, Man o’War is one of the most popular horses in the history of horse racing. In his time, the horse came close to winning a quarter of a million dollars. Today, this may not seem like much, however, at the time, the sum would be the equivalent of a couple of million dollars today. Due to his aggression and temper, Man o’War was sadly never allowed to race in the Triple Crown.

War Admiral

To keep on the family tradition, we are going to take a look at War Admira, the son of Man O’ War. While not nearly as famous as his father, War Admiral is still a pretty great horse. Unlike Man O’ War, War Admiral was allowed to run the Triple Crown, in one of the most famous races in the history of the sport. The so-called “Match of the Century” saw War Admiral go head-to-head with rival Sea Biscuit, and though he lost the match, he still went down in history as one of the greats. Speaking of Sea Biscuit…

Sea Biscuit

The popularity of Sea Biscuit can’t be denied. He is one of two horses whose fame is such, that it exceeds the sport, and has entered popular culture. This is in part thanks to his achievement during the aforementioned match against War Admiral, but also in part thanks to the blockbuster film about his life and career. Sadly, Popcorn Deelites, the thoroughbred who portrayed Sea Biscuit in the film has recently passed away at the age of 24.


A list like this can’t be made without mentioning the most popular horse of all time. Secretariat, much like Sea Biscuit, is popular not just among horse racing fans, but also in popular culture in general. Documentaries, films, and references to Secretariat have been made in countless properties in popular culture. The horse made his name on the Kentucky Derby, as the fastest horse in the history of the sport.