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The Art Of Photography

The art of photography is always praised for its unique vision of the world and ability to see things, rather than just see through them. However, there’s another part of this art, which is quite underestimated, photo editing, as it is claimed to be “not real” art. This idea is nothing but a common misconception, as editing skills are extremely helpful nowadays, when the photo industry is flourishing, it’s the part and parcel of every business. Taking a photo is just one part of the deal, and its editing complements the whole artistic vision and idea.

Photo editing is typically related to the work with colors – contrast, brightness, saturation, vibrancy, and white balance; and with the ‘exterior’ of the photo – cropping, flipping, rotating, straightening, etc. With a proper combination of editing techniques, the photo will sparkle with new life.

While with the colors the changes are often made by sight, work with size and composition may need more clarification.


Cropping is about resizing the image. Typically, it starts the editing process. It helps to remove the unwanted areas and define the picture which will be improved later on. Cropping can be applied to make a smaller picture (pixel-wise), and change the length ratio to width. It is typically used to focus the vision of a viewer on a particular object.


Another common routine while editing the photos; it’s used to set the proper angle of the photo, to concentrate the attention of the audience on the key objects. Rotation can be performed clockwise, and counterclockwise with a different angle. Try all the aspects first, and then apply the changes that fit your plan.


A flipped image is rather a deceptive technique, as it is generated by a mirror-reverse across a horizontal axis. Flipping enables you to flip the entire image or just the single parts of it. When doing so, you can change the focus of the photo, and avoid any potential distractors.

Flipping can sometimes be used to create a realistic optical illusion, trompe-l’œil when viewers percept the picture as real.

When you flip image online, you will be offered vertical or horizontal types. Depending on the orientation, the image will change its focus. After practicing both variants, choose the most suitable one.

Such basic editing techniques can be performed with any smartphone editor, however, the photo processing doesn’t stop with it, as there’s a need for other improvements. Thus, when choosing photo editors, it is important to give it a thought, as it must help you with all the editing and designing functions.

The online market is full of photo-editing software, offering you the tools to advance your skills. We have selected the apps that can satisfy both beginners and pros, offering a wide range of tools for editing photos with free access.

Vista Create

One of the most powerful tools for design and photo editing. It offers all the functions you need when working with images for business or personal needs.

Besides flipping, rotating and cropping, it has a wide range of color changes, an extensive library of music files that can be combined with photos, moving photo effects that can be found at and thousands of templates for advertising and social media images.

The layout is intuitive and there are helpful tips and algorithms, so your experience will not be time-consuming. Vista offers free usage of tools when you create an account.


BeFunky is a great free online software to use when editing your photos. It enables you to add color splash effects, create collages, and design your own graphics. The photo editor is worth the attention as well. Basic features are free, yet some more advanced options require a subscription.


A great iOS and Android tool; it was created by Nik Software, and owned by Google. It enables the user to take photos with the application, and instantly edit them. One of the bonuses is the possibility to edit RAW format, which is not a common feature among free apps.

Snapseed offers plenty of advanced editing options to be used with the mobile phone. It combines a user-friendly and easy-to-follow interface with impressive editing capabilities.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Adobe family has always been among the leaders in photo editing, it offers a great spectrum of actions photo-related. Both beginners and seasoned photographers will benefit from the application, as the choice of tools is truly impressive. However, Adobe products are quite pricy, which is important to consider when choosing them.

The art of photography is never easy and the first experience may seem daunting. When taking photos we can get mistaken with angle, colors, background, etc., however, the knowledge of photo editing will help to fix all the errors and present the image the way you see them – with your aesthetic vision of it, creating a unique product.