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Scaled Versus Flat Sports Betting: How Can You Multiply Your Bankroll?

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Scaled Versus Flat Sports Betting: How Can You Multiply Your Bankroll?


Ever since sports betting took place, a lot of sports enthusiast has been working out putting their best foot forward waging for their entries. In fact, sports betting is the primary reason why a particular sport is popular. Sports such as football, soccer, and horse racing the big ones that offer different varieties of sports betting options.


Also, when betting for your favorites sports, you don’t only put a specific amount of money for the bet you feel to win. Sports betting also needs a great strategy to be able to come up with an excellent profit. Note that betting is gambling and that you need to wise to make sure that you do not put your money to waste.


There are two ways where you can place your bet. The first one is that by watching your favorite sports live and buy tickets at the teller to place your bet. The second and the most efficient one is betting online. There are actually hundreds of betting websites that you can find. All you need to do is to look for a legit site that is accredited by the gambling and sports industry to make sure that you don’t get scammed.


Talking about sports betting, it is said that rugby, football, and horse racing deems the most exciting categories of betting. Not only these sports are famous, but they also give out a big amount of prizes to all successful bettors. In fact, one of the biggest and grandest sporting events in the United States, the Triple Crown Series will take place a few days from now. It is a race of three-year-old thoroughbred horses in the Grade 1 stakes category. The Triple Crown series is composed of three major legs jewels. The first one in the Kentucky Derby, followed by the Preakness Stakes, and finally the upcoming Belmont Stakes. It is also said that horse racing is a sports king because unlike other sports that are only composed of two entries to bet, the horse racing is often attended by more than 20 entries. This is the main reason why there are a lot of categories to bet in the said sports.


Also, talking about sports betting there are two main categories where you wage your money. These are called flat and scaled betting. This is commonly followed in all kinds of sports you can find and bookmakers are imposing this to make sure that every bettor can decide the amount of money they are going to gamble. Most experts in sports betting are using these kinds of methods so they should be one step ahead to all bettors. Besides, even if you are a neophyte in betting, as long as you know how to manage in waging your money using these two types of a betting category, then you must be heading to a more winning situation. To have full knowledge between these two types of betting, let’s see talk about their difference.

The Flat Betting

The flat betting is technically defined as waging for the exact amount of money for every game no matter what the circumstance would look like. The standard rule for all types of sports betting is waging at least 2%of the amount stated in your bankroll. That means that if you have a $1,000 amount in your bankroll then you should start betting for $20. In that sense, if your bankroll increases, then the amount you have to wage will also increase. On the other hand, even if your bankroll drops, you still need to start betting for the minimum amount which is $20.


To be honest, even if a lot of bookmakers imposes these type of betting, many experienced bettors do not settle for this. They do not stick to the fact that they are tied with the amount of money they’re going to bet because after all, it’s gambling and the return of investment is not surely determined.

The Scaled Betting

This is the most common type of betting that every wager is using. The scaled betting is referred to as the increase and decrease of the size of each bet depending on how the play should look like. That means that before you go ahead and put your money to a particular entry, there is a rating system that you can follow. This rating system determined how well entry would perform in the play at the same time showing off their probability and statistics of winning.


Compared to a flat betting where you tied up with the amount of money you can bet depending on your bankroll, the scaled betting lets you spread the amount of money you want to wage. Also, in scaled betting, you have the chance to multiply your return of investment right away and ensures that betting is more fun and productive.


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