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Learn how Royal Ascot works!

In just a few weeks, one of the most prestigious horse race meetings in the world will kick off, exciting fans all over the world! Only the strongest and the fastest horses will run for glory at Royal Ascot in Berkshire, England. The event will be held over five days with competitive races all week. But these action-packed days will be heavily anticipated by the race’s patrons, as well as fans who can’t make it to the Ascot Racecourse. But what about casual fans who want to know what the hype is all about? Fear not, these are just some of the things to remember and pay attention to when spectating the Royal Ascot races.

Premier races commencing during the week

The Royal Ascot is prestigious for a reason. And a very lucrative reason, at that! All these talented jockeys, meticulously turned out horse trainers and their elite horses are competing to get their hands on the £7.3 million prize money. There are a total of  5 days racing during Royal Ascot, each race a different puzzle. Joining in the fun of these races as a spectator can be a rewarding experience, especially when acquiring a sleeper promo code to use during the event. As with most competitive races of their type, the races at Royal Ascot are often tailored to test the limits of the qualities of only the best horses.

For example, The Gold Cup, usually held in the middle of the week, will test how much stamina the competing horses have in order to win the race. Run on what is known as Ladies’ Day, horses will run a distance of two and a half miles to truly separate the best from the rest.

And it is truly a test for the best, since horses such as Yeats and Stradivarius were immortalized by their feats in various renewals of the Gold Cup. It is invariably one of the most exciting races of the week, with the result often very close to call.

Another race to pay attention to is the Diamond Jubilee Stakes. If the Gold Cup is a test of endurance, the Diamond Jubilee Stakes is a test of speed. The jockeys and their horses race on the final day of the prestigious meeting to outrun the competition over a six-furlong distance. This race for horses three years and older has elevated names such as Black Caviar and The Tin Man to legend status.

In the presence of Royalty

Another major draw of the Royal Ascot event is the presence of the Royal Family. On every racing day, members of the Royal Family grace the track, arriving in horse-drawn carriages during the Royal Procession. The late Queen previously loved these races, as she was known to be a horse enthusiast, and attended regularly.

With all these festivities unfolding during the prestigious racing week, it is no wonder that Royal Ascot is under the spotlight for the world to see. While these are just some of the notable events that happen during the week, keep in mind that there are five days of great racing ahead. Head towards the races and explore what Royal Ascot has to offer!

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