The home of intelligent horse racing discussion
The home of intelligent horse racing discussion

How to Win at the Races and Away

Do you love betting on horse racing? Find out the key factors you should concentrate on to win at the races, plus some top horse racing themed slingo slots to play.

No matter how long you have been betting on horse racing, there’s never any surefire guarantee that you’re going to win – more’s the pity!

However, there are some things you can do to improve your odds and give yourself the best chance of backing a winner.

Below youll find some top tips on how to win at the races – although we cant make any promises!

Dont Stick to the Favourites

When you’re new to horse racing, it’s tempting to just follow the recommendations of the experts, and that often means betting on the favourite.

While this might be the right move in some cases, you shouldn’t stick slavishly to backing the favourite every time. Statistically, the favourite only wins about a third of the time, so you’ll be wrong more often than you’ll be right!

The trick to betting on the horses is about identifying where there is value and making the most of it. And you can do that by being diligent with your research and understanding the critical factors.

Dont Dismiss the Surface

With all your attention on the runners in the field, its easy to forget about the surface. However, this plays a more important role than many realise and not taking it into account would be a big oversight. Daintier horses run best on fast grounds, which means dry courses, which are described as either firm or good to firm. In contrast, horses that like to hit the ground hard will want a softer surface that absorbs the shock and launches them forward with more power.

Previous form on the surface is a crucial indicator to look for. If you need a comparison, think of tennis players; some perform well on clay, others on grass – it’s no different with horses.

Research the Trainers

It’s natural to focus on the horse and jockey, but the trainer has a vital role to play. If you look at the pattern of winners in big events, you might be surprised to see there’s a distinct pattern with particular trainers enjoying repeated success.

One way to tell if a trainer has a strong preference for a specific track is to look at how many horses they’ve entered. Lots of horses from one stable is a good indication that it’s a favoured track of the trainer.

Trainers will have different records at different tracks, and while there are never any absolutes, it can be a good bet to look for a track that they like. For example, Donald McCain has a tremendous record at Bangor, while Nicky Henderson is strong at Newbury. Check out the trainers at the track when you want to bet and see what their past performance looks like.

A Different Kind of Racing Bet

Theres a lot to think about when it comes to horse racing. If you want to enjoy all the thrills of betting on horses without such an overload of information, you might want to check out horse racing slots instead.

There are plenty of horse racing slots to choose from, plus theres the new Slingo Racing game at most online casinos like this. Other titles to pick from including Sure Win, Derby Dollars and Racetrack Riches Megaboard, to name just a few.

If your brain is about to melt from all the different ways to bet on the horses, take a break with some slots to refresh yourself before returning to do some more research!