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The home of intelligent horse racing discussion

How to Watch Horse Racing Live Streams

Horse racing is the grandfather of sports betting. This is down to its simple and thrilling nature and lack of predictability. If you have ever placed a bet on a horse, you will know very well the buzz you get when you feel there is a chance of your horse winning.

There are some exceptions to this but with horse racing, there is generally not an overwhelming favourite and this is one of the many reasons why horse racing betting has remained so popular throughout the years.

Live Racing Streams

The best live streams will try to give you the sensation of being present in the race itself. Watching odds fluctuate during the race can in itself bring a level of excitement but nothing is better than watching the race with your own eyes.

The best streams will provide quality coverage with good commentators and most importantly a clear streaming video of the race that is taking place.

All horse racing betting experts watch these streams to gain a good understanding of how the horses are shaping up before a race. These subtle things can really make a huge impact on how successful you are as better.

How To Watch Live Horse Racing Streams

To watch an event like this is usually pretty straightforward. Firstly, you will have to go to your chosen bookmaker, search for the horse race you are interested in, and a small video should appear in the corner of your screen. For the sites, we recommend this will appear obvious but for other sites, it may not be as appealing or obvious.

You might prefer to keep the screen in the corner so you can monitor the betting activity while the race is in progress, or you might prefer to make this video full screen. On the best horse racing bookmakers, this should be an option, but some don’t allow it as they are fearful of some using their site as a streaming platform as opposed to a betting one.

Which Bookies Live Stream Horse Racing

With all this being said you probably now want to know where you can watch some of these horse racing events being streamed. The sites we have chosen to deliver quality streams also happen to be great places to bet on horse racing.


This is the most obvious place we think of when we are talking about betting on the horses. This site has both a sportsbook and an exchange site which is amazing for horse racing betting.

With an exchange site, you can watch the odds fluctuate as the race is in-play and you can also bet against a horse being successful which has brought a whole new dynamic to the gambling universe.

Betfair also covers multiple horse racing events across the globe so gamblers will find placing bets easy with this site.

Bet 365

As long as you have funded your betting account you will be able to watch a live horse racing stream on Bet 365. We are big fans of this sportsbook as it continues to offer players the best odds for horse racing.

The streaming service is also excellent, tend to have great commentary and rarely lets us down. For outsiders they also offer some very appealing odds boosts so if you like betting on long shots then this site might be for you.


If you’re reading this article, I have no idea if you have ever watched a live stream of a horse racing event but hope that we have in some way convinced you to give it a go.

Livestreams get a bad rap because people presume the quality will be low, but we are here to tell you that this couldn’t be further from the truth.