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The home of intelligent horse racing discussion

Horse racing tips for beginners

Horse racing tips for beginners

One of the country’s most celebrated pastimes surrounds placing bets on horse racing but there’s no easy way to get immediately involved in creating your own horse racing tips. It’s something that most avid punters would already express an interest in, so attempting to try your hand with barely any knowledge – or even no knowledge at all – is bound to lead to some issues.

The basics behind betting on horse racing

Every time we reach April, The Grand National encapsulates many of the country’s horse racing fans. One observation from that particular race is that a lot of people who have no interest in the sport also tend to get involved, having a small £1 bet on a random horse to win or place. Although they will gleefully partake in betting on the Aintree Grand National, they will usually refrain from getting involved at any other time, which is something of a wasted opportunity when considering the potential in the sport’s other races.

It’s easier to get involved after you establish:

How Lucky 15 betting works –

It would be advised to leave placing money on a Lucky 15 before you’re more accustomed to how horse racing betting works, but it’s definitely something to try once you know all of the ins and outs. Lucky 15 bets are only made up of four horses, but they include a total of fifteen different bets, working as the novelty market that all experienced punters actively get involved in.

The difference between to win and to place –

As backing a horse to win or to place come with different perks, it’s important to identify how each version functions. In getting behind a horse to win, you’ll only be paid out on them finishing first, but backing a horse to place will still prompt some returns if the horse finishes in the top few places of the race. Most newcomers will prefer to bet on an each-way (place) basis in order to add some security to their bet.

What ante post bets and NAPs are –

Through putting money on a bet in advance, you’re backing it ante post before the odds change. As for NAPs, they’re the certain horse racing tips that you think stand the best chance of winning over every available option.

How do I get involved in horse racing betting?

Whether you’re choosing to follow an experienced horse racing tipster website, or if you’re courageous enough to assemble your own horse racing tips, you’re given a lot of different options. The activity of placing bets is easy to do through the bookmaker websites that you can easily access on your mobile phone, but it’s to be expected that you might refer to an expert before putting any of your own money behind a bet.

Although you might think otherwise, putting together your own horse racing tips isn’t exclusively left to older men with insight in the sport and their own stables, with all demographics having a go if they’re able to find a nag they fancy. Setting your limits and only betting what you’re willing to lose needs to be established first. You can’t go wrong as long as you practice responsible gambling, so there’s nothing stopping you if you see a horse that you think stands a chance of winning their next race meeting.

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