The home of intelligent horse racing discussion
The home of intelligent horse racing discussion

Horse race betting: how to maximize the odds of winning

Horse racing has been around since the early Babylonian, Roman and Greek civilizations in the form of chariot racing. Modern day racing and betting was adapted from the practices of the British nobility class and royals in the 1600’s. Now, millions of people partake in horse race betting for the thrill of the win or because of the potential to earn some considerable cash. If you’re serious about winning for any of these reasons, you’ll want to strategize the best way to increase your odds on the bets that you make. There are most definitely ways to do this, it just requires a little bit of research, analysis, deduction and ultimately, of course, a little bit of luck…

The first and foremost important thing to consider in any form of gambling is the nature of wins and losses and overall gain. Just because you’re winning or losing at any given moment, doesn’t determine your success as a bettor or gambler. Rather, it has more to do with how your wins and losses affect your overall gain or payout. Professional bettors take this into account and try to reduce the effects of their losses on their overall gain to a minimum as opposed to holding their status according to their number of wins. Ultimately there is no guarantee of winning, much like life, but you can certainly up your chances of success.


Be informed

When making a financial decision, big or small- one doesn’t just eenie meenie miny moe on a choice (unless you’re five years old or clinically insane). It’s your money and you’ve put hard work into earning it and therefore you’re likely to research and ponder over any financial decision with the gravity of consequence in the back of your mind. You’re betting money in horse racing, so why should it be any different to real life? The horse race basely involves, well- a horse and a race. What better place then, to begin your homework?  Begin by having a look at form guides, the racing guides on which you intend to bet. They provide important information like the location of the racing track, the requirements of entering the race and further details of the horse itself. These are like important puzzle pieces that you need to collect and begin detailing a picture on which you can firmly rely on to bet. Upon looking at a form guide, for example, you can see the number of the horse on the left hand column, next to its name. This is usually the number given to the horse in the actual race but in the guide, another parenthesized number can be seen right next to the horse’s number. This number indicates the position in the stables from which the horse begins its race, often referred to as a ‘horse’s draw’. Any significant draw has certain benefits and drawbacks and if you can spot it and research it, you’ve upped your chances of betting on the right horse- for starters. Knowing the location might aid you in deducing the kind of turf the race will take place on (dust, grass etc) and a bit more research can bring up a horse’s training and experience on certain kinds of surfacing as oppose to others. Knowing the requirements of race entry will also guide you into identifying the horses that just make the cut versus horses that exceed expectations.

There are many interesting factors to take to into account when betting. Usually the form guides display the jersey of the wearer which has different colours and designs. These colours definitely play into the race itself and holds more importance in betting than ‘blue is my lucky colour’. The colour and design of the jersey indicates the racer’s sponsoring company or party. A pink jersey with green spots, for example, denotes an allegiance to a famous racing family, the Ricci’s, who have had many successes in the Cheltenham region. You’d definitely want to research all the participating sponsors and parties to understand their financial backing (increased finances allow a keener investment into aspects of racing) and wins and losses over a given amount of time. Another factor, is paying attention to the numbers and letters placed directly next to the horses name. The numbers indicate the relapse period between its last race and its most recent and capitalized letters represent information of the horse’s winning/losing record. Lowercase letters symbolizes any equipment the horse will use in a race, which definitely can be regarded as an advantage or disadvantage depending on the kind of equipment. Another column in the form guide reveals the name of the trainer and jockey and quick research will upheave any discernible problems or upper hands related to them and their professional work .

In conclusion, the best way to increase your odds is to consider every component of the form guide and research as intensively as possible to decide the most likely horse to win. Beyond that though, you could also consider the bookgamer you’re betting against. Many online betting sites have promotions that reduce the cost of betting and is a good example of providing them, including benefits for new members. After all low cost betting is a kind of a win, isn’t it?