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Here’s A Full Travel Guide To The 2020 Belmont Stakes

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Here’s A Full Travel Guide To The 2020 Belmont Stakes


It’s game on for all horse athletes this year as the U.S. Triple Crown Series will soon commence. It is the most acknowledged horse racing tournament in America as it features the best racehorses. Besides, the wagering games it offers are massive, so expect thousands of crowds gracing for this event.


The U.S. Triple Crown Series takes place every second quarter of the year. It comprises three significant horse racing legs. The Kentucky Derby turns the heat on as it kicks-off the show. The Derby this year settles at Churchill Downs on May 2, 2020. Also, the middle jewel is the Preakness Stakes that will follow on May 16, 2020, at Pimlico Park.


Also, completing the Triple Crown event is the Belmont Stakes. It is the most important series  in the Triple Crown since it has the longest racecourse compared to the Derby and Preakness. Do know that for the racehorse to be worthy of the Triple Crown, he must complete and win these three racing shows. The Belmont Stakes this year is set on June 6, 2020, at Belmont Park.


So, as the Belmont Stakes serves as the most crucial event in the Triple Crown Series, it is expected that there will be an influx of fans and punters that will showcase their best in the Belmont Stakes Betting Strategies. Hence, before you head on to this event, here are the things you need to do and prepare, so you are guided accordingly.

What To Expect In The 2020 Belmont Stakes?

The Belmont Stakes is the final jewel of the U.S. Triple Crown showdown that features all three-year-old racehorses. Most of the entries competing in this event were horses from the Derby and the Preakness Stakes. It is a Grade 1 Stakes event where horses compete in a 2.414 km. Dirt track.


Moreover, the Belmont Stakes also features horse-themed activities where guests have the chance to access VIP lounges and restaurants. It allows them to drink and dig into the local food the Belmont has to offer. There are also art displays and red carpet that showcases the evolution of this horse racing event throughout the years.


Lastly, the Belmont Stakes also holds an after-party celebration to honor and recognize all the participants in the Triple Crown along with loud music and concert. This year, the Belmont Stakes hasn’t announced yet who is going to perform, yet it will surely be another awesome party event like last year.

How To Get At Belmont Park?

Taking yourself to Belmont Park during the race day comes in many ways. If you are riding a car, make sure you get in early. Do know that the Belmont Stakes is a huge event, of people coming in. Hence many people are expected to come. Heading to the venue early allows you to secure a parking space that’s near to the gate. By the way, gates will open at 8:30 AM.


Also, if you decide to take a bus, there are stations and terminals available within Elmont that will take you directly to the venue. For your convenience, the NYRA (New York Racing Association) has a free service shuttle within the area to take you inside the racing field.

How To Buy Tickets And Reserve Seating?

The 2020 Belmont Stakes tickets are already up for grabs. You can visit the Belmont Stakes website, TicketMaster, which is the official Triple Crown ticket distributor, or third-party sites. The ticket prices vary depending on the access you like to take during the racing day. Make sure to compare each ticket to know the inclusion before you purchase them.

What’s The Dress Code?

Although this is a horse racing event, the Belmont Stakes organization requires every guest to wear formal attire.  It also applies to children, so make sure you arrive at the venue presentable.


You should not wear short-shorts or tank tops as these outfits are not allowed. On the other hand, if you like to showcase how an avid fan you are when it comes to horse racing, you can wear your elegant rodeo-inspired outfits to channel the real tradition of the Belmont Stakes and the Triple Crown as a whole.


The Triple Crown season this year is still far, but a lot of horse racing fans and wagers are on their feet preparing for this event. Take note that the Triple Crown last year ended well; that’s why the NYRA wants to make it more colorful, memorable, and festive this year.


The Belmont Stakes serves as the final leg of the show, it also needs thorough attention and preparation. The crown is wilder during this event as the horse racing competition becomes tighter and more exciting. Thus, if you are one of those Triple Crown supporters who do not want to miss this event, make sure you are guided with the things you must do, which are all laid out above.

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