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Fashion and Sports – What Is the Dress Code at a Horse Race?

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Years back, horse racing was a spectacle that was reserved for the royals, the rich, and the famous. Nowadays, just like with other things, the target group has broadened. While the tribune and the betting office are still crowded by the upper class, more and more middle-class people fill the ranks. That development is not surprising at all, as horse racing is a sport that can set off an adrenaline rush. While experienced visitors already know what to wear for the race, newbies are often unsure.

The Perfect Outfit for the Race

When people imagine the crowds at a horse race, they think of the typical “Pretty Woman” scene – Richard Gere, who looks like a million dollars in his suite, and Julia Robert, who looks like the newest addition to the royal family in her dress and her hat. It used to be an unwritten law to follow a certain dress code when coming to the racing track. Nowadays, many tracks have loosened their stipulations and let people in more casual outfits enter as well. But to get the ultimate racing feeling, even newbies should consider dressing up nicely for the spectacle.

Horse Racing Outfit for Men

When coming to the horse racing track, you’ll want to make a sovereign and sophisticated impression. No matter if you go for a rather uptight outfit or if you prefer a less elegant style, with the right timepiece, you can make any outfit suitable for the track. Connoisseurs at the race will notice a luxury watch like a Breitling, Patek Philippe, or a Rolex from Chrono24.

When getting dressed for the event, keep this in mind: Try to be laid-back about it and appear to be all effortless. That will help you blend in with the crowd. High-quality accessories like a nice watch or cufflinks help you feel more confident, which you should because you do belong there – the only prerequisite is that you love the sport.

The Perfect Outfit for the Track

If you are about to visit your first horse race or even bet, make sure to find an outfit that suits your personality. If you are a rather laid-back person, don’t make the mistake to overdress. Instead, pick a decent pair of jeans or chinos and combine it with either a nice Polo shirt or a button-up. Complement your outfit with a nice sports jacket. Tweed will make you look hands-on and cool, while velvet or cotton seem more sophisticated. Your shoes should match the jacket, of course. Boat shoes, loafers, or suit shoes that pick up the leading colour of your jacket will make your outfit look perfect – almost.

For the final touch, add some accessories that complement your look: a matching belt and a subtle Rolex are enough to create a new you, who doesn’t stick out of the wealthy crowd at the race.

The Perfect Outfit for Women

When going for that Julia Roberts horse race look, you don’t need much. Your perfect outfit should consist of two to three key pieces: a nice dress, matchings shoes, and if you like, a hat.

But what should you keep in mind when getting ready? To stick with the dress code, you should make sure your dress is not too short. It should either cover your knees or at least end just a bit above them. Don’t choose a mini skirt or dress – wear that to the beach or when going out instead. At the race, you’ll want to look sovereign, well-groomed, and not too sexy.

The same goes for your shoes. Pumps that have an average heel height work fine but do yourself the favour and try walking in them for a while before wearing them at the track. As for the accessories, you can stick with earrings and a hat – the hat is the female equivalent to a man’s watch.