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Cheltenham Festival Betting Advice – How To Bet The Cheltenham Festival

Cheltenham Festival Betting Advice – How To Bet The Cheltenham Festival

Cheltenham Festival is one of the biggest horse racing events on the calendar each year, which lends itself to more casual bettors coming out to take to the betting window to get in on the action. But before novice punters get their bets in, they should take a look at the following advice to make sure that they give themselves the best chance to win.

Trust the Experts

Chances are, if you aren’t an experienced horse racing bettor that you don’t follow the sport throughout the year. While there is nothing wrong with following the sport only for big events like Cheltenham Festival, it also doesn’t mean that a bettor shouldn’t rely on the opinions of those who do to make the most educated wagers possible.

There are plenty of Cheltenham Festival tips to be found, with experienced handicappers and less experienced handicappers alike delivering their thoughts on the festival’s upcoming races. Taking a look at a handicapper’s track record is important for bettors looking to follow those who have delivered positive returns. This might take some digging but is usually worth it.

Don’t Fear the Longshots

Betting longshots can be a good choice at Cheltenham, but only when done properly. Most punters bet longshots simply to have a chance at a great payout, rather than because those horses have a legitimate chance to win at their long odds. Norton’s Coin managed to pull off the feat at 100/1 odds in the 1990 Gold Cup, for example. That can quickly deplete a bankroll, whereas value betting on longshots can be a lucrative business.

The most important thing to remember about longshots is that they are longshots for a reason in many cases. Some struggle in the type of race they are getting ready to run, while others simply haven’t been able to keep up with their competition in previous races. But, there are times where the longshots can be worth a look if their recent performances have been better than their long odds have given them credit for.

Heading into this year’s Cheltenham Festival, Betting.Betfair’s Cheltenham ante post betting tips have spotlighted some of the longshot choices that could make some noise in this year’s festival. If nothing else, those horses should give punters a chance at a solid return. And that beats taking a flyer on a longshot without any rhyme or reason.

Have Fun, But Not Too Much Fun

Betting on the horses at Cheltenham Festival is inherently fun, as you are invested in the outcome of every step throughout the event. But making sure to bet responsibly so as not to sour the fun of a day at the races is possibly the most important advice one can give.
Setting a betting limit before heading to the races or wagering from home can make sure that a bettor is only wagering an amount they are comfortable with. That simple step can keep the races fun without getting in the way of other aspects of life, and there is no advice more important than that.

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