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The home of intelligent horse racing discussion

Best Irish Online Casinos for Horse Racing

The Irishman and the horse have both had a very special relationship for a very long time. In Ireland, horse racing is a big topic in the sports gazettes, which is actually not surprising on the Emerald Isle, as horse breeding is at home there in a big way.

There are, of course, numerous Irish betting shops that generate enormous income from horse racing, and many Irish online casinos for horse racing are now also trying to take advantage of the boom for themselves. This can be expressed in very different ways.  We have tested and evaluated the best offers around the sport with the four-legged friends.

1.            Horse racing an integral part of Irish betting shops

In Ireland, special sports are practiced. Rugby is the national sport and is widespread at least in the British-speaking world. In addition, there are two sports, Gaelic football and hurling, which are completely limited to the island, but ensure full stadiums there. The quite violent, somewhat ancient character of the sports is also what makes them so fascinating. Here, the Celtic roots of the Irish once again come through completely. Horse racing, on the other hand, feels somewhat ordinary, but the enthusiasm of the islanders for horse racing knows no bounds to this day.

This enthusiasm is also exploited by Irish bookmakers. In the relevant branches of PaddyPower, one of the largest Irish land-based bookmakers, bets on a horse race can be placed almost all day long. So the fascination with this sport carried over from old movies and articles is still alive and very much so. More and more providers have also included horse racing in their online offer, as it is so excellent to bet from home. For betting enthusiasts, horse racing is more important than soccer, which does not play such a prominent role in Ireland. There are also few Irish people who see themselves as fans of an Irish team, as they prefer to be with the big teams from England.

2.            Ireland with friendly atmosphere towards betting shops and online casinos

Ireland has a very open policy towards gambling and offers a variety of land-based and virtual betting shops, which can then cater to the betting urge that the Irish have in common with the British. People like to bet and gambling is by no means a dirty business in Ireland. Of course, this also promotes the corresponding offers, which are widespread in everyday life. After the work once again fast on a discussion and a small bet into the betting office comes after the Pub in the popularity in second place.

However, the relaxedness of the Irish is also expressed in law. Betting taxes are almost non-existent in Ireland, so operators and players can look forward to even better general conditions. The entire betting market thanks the operators, because the Irish betting market is decisively larger than the markets in Canada or the USA, for example. This is quite astonishing for such a small country, but not surprising. In the total number of Irish bookmakers it is not easy to find out the best one, but we are happy to assist and list the five best Irish sports betting and online casino providers for horse racing.

3.            The best providers for horse betting in Ireland 2022

The list starts with William Hill, one of the largest providers in the world for sports betting and online casino. William Hill has an absolutely unblemished reputation and offers both sports betting fanatics and casino players the full program on one website. In addition to the other Irish sports, horse betting is not to be missed. In addition, there are other features like a bingo room or a really exclusive poker software that can only be played at William Hill.

Besides that, MansionBet is an almost equal opponent for the competition at the top. MansionBet has the horse races at the start and offers its customers varied bonus offers in the sports betting and casino sector. Its own native app for iOS is also available, only Android is still waiting. MansionBet also has sports betting and online casino under one roof and offers Irish players countless live bets on horse races, which the betting-loving Irish also gratefully accept.

At NetBet, things get interesting when you don’t want to gamble with small blob amounts. NetBet allows to play virtually without a payout limit and the transactions with many different payment options are not only safe, but also fast. On top of that, NetBet also has an Android and iOS app, which allow for uncomplicated mobile betting and playing. Only a stable internet connection is required. NetBet is a true veteran in the business and knows exactly what offers players appreciate. All of these offers are offered by NetBet accordingly.

At Karamba, sports betting and the online casino are again housed together. Karamba is all about bonuses and loyalty benefits, which are available in great variety and delight new and regular customers alike. In addition to horse racing betting, there are also parallel slots on the topic of horse racing for all lovers who, even if no race is currently being started, simply can’t get enough of equestrian sports.

The website 22Bet has sports betting and online casino in the program and is considered one of the providers with the best odds, of course without any betting tax, which would still have to be ceded. Here bettors have the opportunity to choose from countless options in sports betting and place their bets with minimum or maximum stakes. The payout option from 1 euro makes especially casual gamblers sit up and take notice, because a small won bet is already enough to request a payout. When it comes to horse racing, 22Bet also strives to map smaller competitions so that the thrill doesn’t end so quickly here. The customers of 22Bet love the uncomplicated betting that is possible with this provider.

4.            Conclusion on the best sports betting providers for horse racing in Ireland

So, Ireland remains a place where sports betting, gambling and also horse racing are firmly rooted. It is not for nothing that the nationally important figure of the “Leprechaun” is a creature that protects a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Gamblers also scent this pot of gold when it comes to horse betting and therefore frequent land-based and online sports betting bookmakers on a regular basis to claim their share of luck after all. There are not many regions where the enthusiasm for horse racing is as great as in Ireland.