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The home of intelligent horse racing discussion

Best Horse Racing Events in the United Kingdom

There are multiple places around the world that host horse racing events every year. Yet, one of the prime locations for it to occur is within the United Kingdom. There are multiple racetracks around the country, and these play host to numerous different events. Which ones are the best to attend and have a great experience at, though? Well, that’s what we’re here for. So, allow us to inform you on the nation’s best horse racing events.

Royal Ascot

This is the event that pretty much everyone knows about, because Ascot is perhaps the most famous racecourse in the world. There possibly isn’t another horse racing event in the world that captures the excitement and thrills relating to horse racing as Royal Ascot does, and last year it featured a number of events to experience. The event spans over five days and usually has a total of 15 Group races, which includes at least one Group 1 event every day. Winners can take home up to £3.5 million in prize money from this one.

Cheltenham Festival

Another very popular event with fans from all over the world is the Cheltenham Festival. This one attracts a huge number of sports bettors too, taking place in March and seeing wagers placed here, there and everywhere. While the 2020 event has passed by and saw a positive turnout, that doesn’t stop you from being able to involve yourself in the 2021 event. Set for March 16 next year, you’ll be able to take advantage of this 1xBet promo code if you want to experience some horse racing betting on the same event.

Epsom Derby

Horse racing is often best viewed during the summer months, and that’s precisely when the Epsom Derby occurs. Featuring a variety of different prizes and specific days that are dedicated to visitors alongside the races themselves, this event is one that shouldn’t be missed out by anyone. The Epsom Derby takes place over two days in the month of June, yet the pace of the race is something else. Horses need to come with plenty of stamina for this one, alongside the normal speed necessary. A £1.5 million purse is up for grabs in the Derby, making it one of the richest horse races within Britain.

Aintree Grand National Festival

If you’d prefer to visit a horse racing event in April, then Aintree is the way to go. This is considered to be one of the most difficult courses to navigate for horses. A total of sixteen steeplechase fences are built into it for jockeys to overcome, and these steeplechase obstacles are so intense that they have each been given their own names. These include Becher’s Brook and Foinavon. In fact, the former of these has been compared to “jumping off the edge of the world” by some jockeys!


Once a year, Chichester becomes the location to visit for horse racing, with the Goodwood Racecourse being the home to it. Goodwood Festival is actually another highlight of the summer period in the United Kingdom, and this racecourse has plenty of history to it, too. Over five exciting days, Goodwood features some of the best horse racing events, and in terms of glamour and crowd calibre, it can compete very nicely against the likes of Ascot. In total, winners of this event get to take home £5.5 million.

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