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    Id like to take this opportunity to thank both Espmadrid and Bluemanc for the pleasure that their videos have given me.

    if they on anyone else has them id love to see

    Crisp winning the 71 2 mile chase
    Sir Montagus 76 Ebor
    Scintillates 79 Oaks
    Royal Marshall 11 winning the Hennessey/KG
    Captain Christys KG…

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    Nick, Crisp couldn’t get the National trip. He’d struggle in that 7 and a half-miler, mate :wink:

    Seriously, I’d like to join you in thanking Bluemanc43 – I’ve not watched the other fella’s yet.

    Great stuff Bluemanc – you should get an honourable mention for services to us oldies in racing


    Never argue with a fool. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience, then onlookers might not be able to tell the difference.

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    Hello bluemanc45

    I sent you a private message a few days ago just wondering if you got it.

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    Blueman, you are a hero, lots of happy memories I thought had been lost forever

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    Is bluemanc45 or he might have changed his name to eddie c thats what his youtube channel now comes under. Is he still on the racing forum? I was just wondering because I have sent him a couple of PM but I have had no answer from him yet.

    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    bluemanc45 last posted on this forum at the end of October.
    eddie c? We have an eddie case.

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    I think its eddie cr. Thats know the name of his channel on youtube. I don’t know if he is still bluemanc45 or now eddie cr.

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    The jockey camera clips that are on the channel 4 website and youtube are brilliant they really give you the thrill of what it must be like to ride in a race. But the one of Daryl Jacob at cheltenham only is a couple of minutes where as the ones of Richard Hughes at ascot show the whole race. I think it would be great if you could watch a whole jump race through one of those cameras. Lets hope they use them again at aintree over the national fences that would be great to watch. I think in the late 90’s the bbc used the jockey cams as well.

    Bachelors HallBachelors Hall
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    Unless I’m mistaken, I think they also did one in the 70s but it never saw the light of day on account of the jockey’s vulgar vernacular.

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    I just came across his channel on youtube. Fantastic! I was going to post here to let people know but it seems im a few years late to the party!

    Worth a bump anyway if anyone hasn’t seen it!

Viewing 10 posts - 91 through 100 (of 100 total)
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