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World Championship of Racing – where would you have it?

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    It’s pretty clear that some of the US tracks simply put the rest of the world off and that a dirt surface is not the most suitable for a meaningful ‘world championship’.

    Can there ever be such a thing, given the nature of the racehorse, as a ‘world championship for thoroughbreds’ or is it destined to be no more than a (US led) marketing strapline?

    And, if you can have one, where would you have it?

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    It is currently US hyperbole – remember any sporting event taking place in the US is considered a World Championships – even if it is a sport only Americans play.

    Back to the original point – with such international diversity in terms of racing tracks and conditions the only way a true World Championship could take place would to have a "World Series" taking in races in each of the major jurisdictions and on differing surfaces.

    i.e. Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East and America, although it would be a major logistical nightmare and would probably entail a wholesale re-jigging of the international racing calendar.

    In other words it may work in theory but it would never work in practice.

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    France the USA Japan and Australia have there top meetings between October and November featuring the Arc, the Breeders, the Melbourne Cup and the Japan Cup whereas our Derby is in June.

    So is it even possible to have a true world championship and when do you have it.

    Finding a window that trainers would be willing to subject their best to travel to a suitable country is near impossible.

    It would have to be earlier than the Arc and Later than the Derby to suit the UK and much earlier than the Breeders and Arc to suit the other major countries.

    August is probably best.


    South Africa would probably be the fairest for traveling and August isn’t too hot as its the first month of spring.

    Don’t hold your breath but someday it might happen.

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    You’ve just missed it, it was held in Dubai, though the BC is not a bad late season event.

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    You’ve just missed it, it was held in Cheltenham, though Aintree is not a bad late season event.


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    Can’t agree with 42 at all it to near 41 :mrgreen:

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    Probably the fairest course in the World.

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    A meeting where there are scores of local handicappers running in loads of local handicap races might be ‘world cup’ for the slow ones that jump hedges, but I think corm meant proper World Cup, as in all group races contested by group horses from around the world.

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    Two events currently make that claim –

    Breeders’ Cup "World Championships"

    Hong Kong "Turf World Championships"

    Dubai have the most prizemoney and representation from 13 different countries this year (UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Germany and USA.

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    Newbury is probably the fairest course in Newbury, but I would not want to give the executive there the satisfaction of thinking that they were so wonderful as to have contributed to anything that had "world championship" in the title. In any case it would not be fair to the the horses from the USA (dirt runners and sharp bends), Japan and Australia (proper firm ground performers), South Africa and the Middle East (ambient temperatures that did not require central heating).

    If there must be a championship in the UK it should be a new course built near the junction of the M1 and the A14. With four courses. A turf course with a canopy and sharp bends; the course should be artificially watered once a month with 5cm of water. A turf course of two miles which the groundsmen water when they feel that is almost probably nearly approximately ready for it. A dirt course with sharp bends. A Pro-Ride/Tapeta/Polytrack course of proper (not namby pamby) proportions. All four courses should be able to be raced both left and right handed, especially the dirt course.

    I have costed it at approximately £525,000,000. Just about the going price for a white elephant.

    The original post was already leaning towards the best option; "Can there ever be such a thing, given the nature of the racehorse, as a ‘world championship for thoroughbreds". Such an event, or series of events, will tell us nothing that we do not already know by currently watching the racing, in all its wonderful variety, throughout the world. Since we all have brains, we can all work out roughly which are the best horses under various distances and conditions. A new world championship will tell us nothing new since we would still be able to argue: the bends were too tight, the kickback was awful, the pace of the race was against him, he missed the break just this once, he didn’t have a good trip over, the jockey got him trapped on the rail, we didn’t train him on Lasix, he had a hard race last time out, etc. The Breeders Cup and Dubai Championships have shown that a good 50% of the best horses in any category will not turn up.

    Lots of money for nothing useful. Not a good deal.

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    90%+ for Dubai probably MV.

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