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    Does anyone have opinions regarding the ground all the fancied horses have been running on for most of the winter?

    If Cheltenham comes up with ground appreciably quicker than they have been running on all season then IMO we are likely to get some/loads of horses winning at the festival that have not had their ground all season.

    This may make finding winners a bit of a slog through old form to find likely winners.

    I will be watching with interest to see if we get some fancy prices closer to the time.

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    That’s why when it comes to the festival previous festival form is very strong.

    Conditions are generally quick, both in ground and pace which is completely different than racing generally from December to start of March.

    Makes the handicaps very intriguing to work through for me especially.

    Supasundae was a good example in the Coral Cup last year (didn’t back him).

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    Absolutely. Happens every year but this year might be more pronounced with the amount of heavy ground in UK over last 6 weeks particularly noteworthy.

    The triumph will definitely play out differently to the market ranking right now. Apples S looks a soft ground lover to me; Sussex ranger and 1 or 2 others in that division will love the better ground.

    The presenting horse today (slate house) looks like he’ll be better on a better surface also.
    Mall Dini, Supasundae… maybe even Finians Oscar!

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    Kev is right. It’s why we all go back through a horses form from the spring before and hence why a spring winner from the previous season who’s form through the winter has been poor always goes off much shorter odds than their recent form suggests they should be.

    I’ve thought before Cheltenham festivals before that we’ll be in for shocks because of such a wet winter only to see every favourite romp home.

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    Starting to wonder if we’ll get good/soft ground at all for the festival, ground hasn’t been anywhere close to good for a long time now and it’s just started to get freezing cold again! I know it’s 5 weeks away but there’s no sign of the weather getting any better as of yet

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    Nobody reading this will need reminding but it’s less than 3 weeks to go to the start of the Festival. The short range weather forecast is looking very cold but crucially dry, with a bit more of the wet stuff around in the midterm.

    Taking that into account what’s everyone’s thoughts on the likely going on Tuesday 13th? It’s been a pretty wet winter but with this dry spell coming up can we expect Good to Soft as the roar rings round Prestbury Park on the opening afternoon?

    Will some of the winter form be over valued by the bookies and can we expect some big improvements from ‘Spring horses’?

    Can’t bloody wait by the way!

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    Me neither Pants, we’re almost there.

    I think it will be the same story, tread warily until we see what the watering policy will be. I will probably do what I always do. I’ll remind myself of the danger of ignoring those who perform on better ground, and like into the mudkarks anyway

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    There’s just a chance the ground may start off genuinely Good to Soft/Soft places this year. I know a strip of ground is saved for the Festival but the forecast long cold spell cannot help grass growth. If the spell ends with a week or less to go and is followed by some rain (as I’ve seen in forecasts) surely the going won’t be Good (watered).

    I also wonder how the cold spell might interrupt trainers’ preparations, even slightly and how the delay of Spring might affect some horses physiologically. Don’t think Ireland will get it so bad over the next week or so, therefore, Irish trained horses might win about 25 races this time (judged by last year’s success)!

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    My folks live in Prestbury and I regularly walk the dog around the racecourse. It never ceases to amaze me how it can be bog like on a Monday and completely dried out towards the end of the week. It’s an open area so a rise in temperature and increased wind will dry the course out very quickly. Added to the fact all the festival ground is fresh, highly likely gd/sft is where we start

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    As Al Down memorably said, that drainage system they now have is a half brother to the Suez Canal

    Never argue with a fool. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience, then onlookers might not be able to tell the difference.

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    Which horses will this suit/not suit?

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    Chris’s Dream – Albert Bartlett
    Fabulous Saga – Albert Bartlett
    Stormy Ireland – Triumph
    Yala Enkei – Ultima

    That’s just off the top of my head

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