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Wick Academy versus Strathspey Thistle

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    Wick host Strathspey Thistle who will be making their debut Highland League appearance today. No doubt they’ll be fighting hard to try to make a winning bow. The bookies seem to think it’ll be one way traffic (see below) but I’m not so sure it’ll be as one-sided as they think.

    1/7 Wick Academy v Strathspey Thistle 9/1draw 11/2 handicap 5/6,19/5,17/10(+2)

    (these odds are from the ‘official’ Highland League website – not sure which bookies they are from or whether you can bet online on the game or not)

    For the uninitiated Wick Academy are known as ‘The Scorries’ – a reference to the local name for seagulls which are ubiquitous around Wick, a town on the coast steeped in the fishing industry in former days. Their black and white shirts also obviously lend themselves to the ‘Scorrie’ moniker.

    So, come on the Scorries!

    (btw – there are various songs which are sung on the terraces at Acadmey games. My favourite is the slightly naughty ‘we’re black, we’re white, we’re f***ing dynamite, Academy, Academy’ so if, around 3.00 pm, you feel like giving the boys a bit of spiritual encouragement you could always launch into that as you wander around Tescos.

    Off for a few pints now before the game, report to appear tomorrow.

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    With apologies to Michael Palin…

    Eight-One, Eight-bloody-one!

    Accies, Accies, top of the league, Accies, top of the league!

    BUT, it might be worth waiting to see how good the newcomers are. It was 8-0 at half-time apparently but Wick presumably took their foot off the pedal and a bit of pride cut in for Strathspey.

    I note that perennial strugglers Lossiemouth are in second, but playing Fort William is always helpful. It’s the battle of the ‘table toppers’ next week as Wick travel to Lossie.


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    Yes, 8-1 and it’s two out of two in competitive games this season.

    Wick were rampant in the first half and took an 8 nil lead into the break. Half time talk on the sidelines was all about how sorry everyone was feeling for Strathspey and, as the teams came out for the second half, even the Academy players were offering words of encouragement to the opposition.

    Wick were playing uphill and against the wind second half and most definitely stopped chasing the game but all credit to Strathspey who kept battling and got their first Highland League goal to ‘win’ the second half one nil.

    The other two newcomers to the league both won well and will present a stiffer task I think.

    So, Wick are top of the league, great start to the season.

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    Supporters check their watches as Wick Academy race into a five-goal lead within the opening half-hour against Strathspey Thistle in the first game of the 2009/10 Highland League season at Harmsworth Park. Stevie Cunningham is the player who can’t contain his glee.

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