Which short priced favs can be taken on/backed?

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    I’ve gave you 3 examples of losers already lol what more do you want ?and I haven’t spoken about anything in a monetary sense so you have no idea where I stand…..

    just because you did your bollocks on melon and Yanworth doesn’t mean you need to go around accusing people of absolute nonsense, and I must add if you look at the daily bet threads started by Charlie you’d see that he has clearly stated what he’s won and lost on lol

    go away and cry on your own son your trying to prove something that can’t be proven as BOTH of us have clearly listed winners and losers….

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    Ham it’s amusing that you accuse me of having serious issues.

    Especially when judging by your replies it’s clear that you’re somebody with seriously low self-esteem. Aftertiming, bigging yourself up on a continual basis, are just some of your crimes. Clearly you feel an intense need to prove yourself to people you have never met, is top of your list of priorities, rather than actually putting in some constructive input (if you were even capable of doing so)

    Tbh I don’t remember either you or Charlie1987 ever saying insightful about a horse race. All you two want to talk about is your winning bets and you quickly forget about any losing ones. For example yesterday I was trying to get a discussion going about future targets for neptune horses, but all Charlie1987 wanted to do was go on and on like an attention seeking schoolgirl about how he had backed the winner. Conveniently as well forgetting about how he had tipped Finian’s oscar earlier in the thread (which was also an aftertiming bet, only put up when he went into clear favouritism.)

    Then again anyone who lists their year of birth in their username tends to be a numpty by default.

    Good luck you two, you clearly deserve each other. :bye: Unfortunately this forum, which used to be a useful source of discussion about horse racing, is now overrunning with aftertimers and chronically insecure people. Goodbye.

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    I’ve provided a fair few pieces of information that wouldn’t have been available as quickly if I wasn’t in the position to receive it…… done from a point of view where I was hoping that people might be able to nick a price or two before they shortened …

    how you interpret what I post is upto you my friend…..

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    I think Defi du suel and Mega Fortune are lay material in the Triumph. With conditions set to be quicker on the new course,they can be taken on with the likes of Bapaume, Charlie Parcs and Landofhopeandglory. I’ll stick my neck on the line and say that Defi Du Suel may become the latest big gun to miss the fesival.

    Good work me. Just 1st and 2nd in the Triumph. I think i’ll take up stamp collecting :negative:

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