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    More Lady Di tedium on ch4 tonight.

    … followed by a debate on whether there should have been Lady Di tedium on ch4 tonight.

    I’ve nothing against the documentary – I was watching the apprentice while it was on – but the "debate" meant the cancellation of "New York Homo Funtime".  

    (also known as "Will and Grace)

    <br>Grrrr… :angry:


    (Edited by stevedvg at 12:02 am on June 7, 2007)

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    But Steve, how will they ever get to the truth unless documentaries keep presenting the same information with slightly different background music every 6 months?

    Andrew Hughes
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    Is Will and Grace still going?

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    Quote: from Aranalde on 10:48 am on June 7, 2007[br]Is Will and Grace still going?

    Re-runs I believe

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    Will and Grace and programmes of that ilk wind me up.  Firstly, because they’re not funny.  And secondly, it seems to me that much of the mainstream TV schedules are filling up with programmes designed to appeal to a certain target market.  Strictly Come Dancing.  Any Dream Will Do.  Grease is the Word.  

    Anyone notice a trend?

    Andrew Hughes
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    Like most American comedies, Will and Grace was funny for the first 3-4 series, then they start trying to ‘develop’ the characters when they run out of plotlines and new jokes. Not surprising, given they have to write some 22-24 episodes a series. Fawlty Towers only ran to 12 episodes.

    Not sure what you’re getting at Psychosis. I watch Will and Grace because I like comedy and its funny. I don’t watch the other three because I have no interest in ballroom dancing, the works of Andrew Lloyd Webber or the appalling abomination that is Grease. My parents on the other hand, watch the last three and not the first one.

    When you say ‘programmes of that ilk’ I’m struggling to think which ones you mean unless you mean imported American comedies, in which case I’d have to disagree. Early and mid-period Frasier is hilarious (up until around series 6) Friends has its moments, as does Seinfeld and I quite enjoyed the first series of Scrubs.

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    Re-runs I believe

    I think it’s a new series.

    So far, the plot seems to be that they come to England and meet Krishna Guru-Murthy and talk about whether footage of Lady Di’s accident should be shown on TV.

    To be honest, it was a bit short on laughs.


    Andrew Hughes
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    I’ve seen that episode Steve. Grace loses the contract to redecorate the Channel Four studio and Jon Snow ends up in bed with Jack.

    Not one of the better ones.

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    Television is generally absolute dross.

    When I look at the hundreds of channels available to me they are mostly shopping channels selling rubbish that even the catalogues cannot sell.

    Film channels which are of no interest to me – I think the last film I saw was back in the 1970’s.

    Sports channels most of which seem to think the sporting world revolves around a load of overpaid prima donnas kicking an inflated bag round a field.

    The rest – lifestyle channels. What the hell are “lifestyleâ€

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    Good post Marb, wise beyond your years

    "Inform educate and entertain" as an even wiser man once said, unfortunately it’s all seems to be ‘entertain’ now with a microscopic e

    Why the BBC with it’s flat-rate universal licence fee feels compelled to chase ratings I don’t know. I’d happily pay twice as much if they concentrated on ‘inform and educate’

    There was a time when ‘Young Scientist of the Year’ and ‘The Brains’ Trust’ occupied the early evening time slots now devoted to ‘lifestyle’ and ‘soaps’

    The Wireless keeps me sane – the Beeb’s lasting legacy

    If it’s repeated I recommend you watch the "50 not out" celebration of Stephen Fry on BBC4. Russell Brand – who generally I can’t stand – makes some thoughtful points about the perceived fear of knowledge and intellect.

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    UK TV has long been smugly overrated. The recent drama series on comedians was superb but was an exception rather than the rule

    Most drama is drab dross and always set in the bloody miserable north. Bring back euston films i say.

    The yanks have a head start here with HBO. Sopranos of course, the wire and the little seen but quite involving Big love

    BBC strength is the radio. Radio 4 is a marvel. However Radio Five Smug, has decent coverage but (some sporting analysists aside) awful presenters.

    BBC news is ok until the disgusting biased reporting of Jeremy Bowen raises its ugly head

    Grey Desire
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    I’m pretty much with Paul on this one.

    The racing channels are the big saving grace and I can’t remember the last time I watched anything on terrestrial TV.

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    Last night I switched on the telly as I was about to go to bed and caught the second half of The South Bank Show’s interview with Gore Vidal; the next programme was called ‘Hitler in Colour’ which chronicled the run up to the Second World War using colour footage which I had never before seen; it was fascinating…I think I’ve had my moneysworth of good tv programmes already, and I havn’t checked out whats on BBC4 this week, yet.Yes, there is a lot of rubbish on the box, but boy do they have to cater for such a wide range of tastes [could’ve spent the first half of the evening watching Brokeback Mountain as well].

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    I watched a program on ITV yesterday where a bloke was competing against a celebrity (the bloke who plays Andy in Emmerdale), and they were putting their hands into a box and handling a toy-animal and then trying to guess what the animal was, to a backdrop of bright flashing lights, random explosions, loud sirens and a gurning Vernon Kay. It felt like viewing the World through the eyes of someone having a mental-breakdown.

    Kingston Town
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    Try watching TV in Singapore or Italy :shock: makes the Beeb look pretty brilliant! Not that I watch TV actually, having said that….. :lol:

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