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What to do on a non-racing Saturday?

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    Emphatically not a non-racing day for me – plenty to enjoy on the synthetics at comparative leisure. In between that, it’s been an afternoon of sorting out invoices and booking correspondents to cover this coming month’s Pointing fixtures – rather more of the last-named sitting at home awaiting my call than might ordinarily have been the case. 8)


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    I’m going to need to discover the attractions (or otherwise) of this ‘pointing’ lark one of these days.

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    After that work my way through tomorrow’s excellent Musselburgh card which, assuming the forecast is accurate, should go ahead.

    Well, what a bummer

    I too was confident Musselburgh would go ahead as it was +5C in Edinburgh at 1900Hrs last night. So the formbook was prised open with eager anticipation

    What to do on a non-racing Sunday? Skiing on The Knavesmire perhaps. Snow is six inches deep here and it’s currently -7C

    powder day!

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    We are about 35 miles up the A1 from London and we’ve had about 6 inches of snow overnight, but it’s not freezing at the moment. Might get a bit nasty if it freezes tonight though!

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    Luckly the AW racing has saved the day yet again :D

    If you think that unedifying sight at Wolverhampton this afternoon did anything top promote racing then you have a different view of the sport than I do.

    Funny how it was abandoned as soon as C4 stopped broadcasting

    They should have done a Cheltenham preview – was obvious days ago there would be little quality racing this weekend.

Viewing 5 posts - 18 through 22 (of 22 total)
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