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    For taking a hard-line against Chelsea – Story Here[/url:2mygok5e]

    I think this whole business just shows Chelsea up for what they are – two-bob & no class.

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    Cue clivex to tell you you’re speaking "Utter drivel" and that "It’s an injustice, Calamero" :mrgreen:

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    I’m all for clamping down on this sort of behaviour, but in a transfer-reliant sport do we really believe that the decision won’t be overturned at appeal?

    It’s tantamount to restriction of trade if nothing else, though I have no idea if that can be applied to an organisation as well as an individual.

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    It’s about time all these English wannabe big timers were dealt with. Next up hopefully they can enforce a rule with regards to spending without means. The same goes for Madrid and all the rest of them, get them all pegged back into the real world.

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    Blatter and Platini’s assault on anything English continues with the dust of Eduardo’s landmark punishment for diving, hardly given time to settle.

    Whatever next?

    Peter Poston’s Ghost
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    Having spent very little in this transfer window they can afford Nick Freeman (Mr Loophole) to get this one overturned.

    Chelsea do seem to be a recent serial offender in this sort of thing but if we dig deeply enough there should be enough dirt to get ManUre closed down :D

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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