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Weekender revamp…and no couch?

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    Nicely done i think….more comment now and a better read…

    but theyve dumped Winstanley? Or has he moved on?

    his column had become a bit repetitive in some ways but will be missed by me…..entertaining enough

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    Noted here also! Mel Cullinan also seems to have made way for Matt Williams.

    Glad the pointing coverage remains, though I suppose the greater litmus test will be whether it returns in the autumn.


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    Williams is one of the best journalists at the Post – don’t read Cullinan much (which is probably an indication in itself) but don’t blame them for giving Matt Williams more column inches.

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    His Monday column was missing from the Post earlier in the week. A weeks holiday would be my guess tbh but I don’t actually know.

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