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Was Istabraq turning up a bit of a stitch up?

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    personally, i was away for a week, (thank you freetown) coming back to this site and i am saddened that this thread has amounted the greatest number of posts that i can remember on here. I think it is a poor reflection of the forumites in general.

    And before ye start talking all the bullshit on every one id entitled to their opinion…. i dont mean to offend anyone but that is my opinion and im not apologizing for it.  

    i am disappointed that the scaremongering re istabraq were proved correct to a great extent but this thread , which i am aware that i am adding to, is a disgrace.

    100,000 at 8/1 on a monday , 8/1 on tuesday. This is ridulous. Sorry , i dont think i can convey my disappointment in forumites in arguing this.

    Tommy Tipster
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    I wasn’t in time to voice my opinion when this topic started, and in the 3 months (slight exagerration) it has took me to read it, I have decided to type my thing, it seems it is a forum obligation to give an opinion so here is mine, sorry if it is a bit simple for the suspicious types. Connections of Istabraq sent him to Cheltenham in hope he could do it, while not expecting it. While the horse was still in training, they had to let it go for the record fourth champion hurdle, after all the success, one more victory was always a possibility. I can’t agree with any of the money issues, and Istabraq means too much to too many people for the horse to be used for any financial gain, the memory of John Durkan, the Irish public, all the folklore, I just feel the horse was sent over in hope of a win which would have been one of the biggest sucess stories ever in racing, it wasn’t meant to be. Despite this, the horse remains one of the most popular of all time, and will be remebered for the many good times rather than one race.

Viewing 2 posts - 136 through 137 (of 137 total)
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